Top 5 technical tools for easy translation

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Top 5 technical tools for easy translation

The 21st century is safe to be referred as the era of globalization. During current times, the businesses are expanding beyond their domestic boundaries, regardless of their sizes. Not only business but also the area of entertainment, music, culture, and everything else has tasted the potion of globalization. In this scenario the course of language has become the biggest barrier to impose a good growth.

Exchanging accurate messages by translating a language into another one has become one of the most important activities to take place in the course of international business. Even though English is the international language, there are still so many nations which choose to do business in their own language, such as Japan. During these types of business deals having a translator is really particularly important, in order to carry forward the process of conveying messages. In this regard, an interpreter plays a vital role in the course of international business.

However, if you manage a rather small business, such as a small online store with a small international customer base, then hiring a personal interpreter is quite tough. It is not worthwhile as well, since you do not have to have a face-to-face conversation with the customers it will rather end with a small conversation via mail or text exchange. Nevertheless, there is still some help that you will be needing for understanding the mails, the texts and most importantly the requirements of the customers. There is a need for some technical tools that will be helping you in completing the tasks without having to face many issues in understanding a foreign language. This is why we have prepared this article for you with the information of top 5 technical tools for easy translation if your requirements are not that high.

1. Online translation

This is the most available way to carry forward a translation. All you need to do is to open a browser and type out the language you want to translate as well as the language you want the passage to be translated in, such as Japanese to English translation. Then you need to press the enter key and the browser will show you different translation sites, you can choose the one you like. Then you need to paste the piece of message that you want to be translated and hit the enter key. Within a few seconds your message will be translated, and you will be easily able to understand the requirements of the customer. Just like this you can also translate your own message and use it with your customer seamlessly.

However, you need to remember these types of online tools only provide a rough translation and those sometimes can be wrong. And the wrong interpretation can prove to be quite harmful for small businesses. Hence, we recommend you go with word-to-word conversion if you are not satisfied with the translation. If you are trying to translate Spanish, then go to an English to Spanish word conversion tool and convert the word that you are the most confused about and gain the actual meaning. Then compare the translation with the conversion and understand the meaning properly.


2. Translation applications and software

Downloading and using a translation application or software is another easily available resource to be used for the translation purposes. There are a number of applications that are available, such as Google translate, Linguee, Microsoft translate, SayHi, Speak and Translate etc. With the help of these software and applications you will not have to browse through the internet and can readily place the passage that you need to translate in the application and understand the message. You can use these tools in both of your mobile device and desktop. These are mostly free for basic use and provide almost error free translations.

Top 5 technical tools for easy translation

3. Online Dictionaries

Online dictionaries can be the most effective and most trusted resource to perform word-to-word conversion. Sometimes some of the words can create huge confusion over the course of translation. And confirming the exact meaning of the word is important and you can seamlessly do so with the online dictionaries that provide multi language support, such as ALDictionary. With the help of ALDictionary you can even craft your own message in various foreign languages, without disrupting the actual meaning. All you need to do is to go to the official site of the dictionary, choose the language that you want, type the word out in the search box and hit enter. You will be provided with accurate results within seconds, without a single failure. Please note that ALDictionary currently provide services for, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish and Tamil.

4. Remote interpreting

If you are looking for a professional help in translating your customers’ messages and mails in the most effective manner, then you might need this help. Face-to-face interpretation is certainly not something that is cost-effective. But if you are ready to spare some resources for providing your customers with a good service then you can use the method of remote interpreting. These tools help you to be connected to the network of some of the most talented interpreters and take their assistance. These tools are really effective when you are having a call with your non-English speaker customers. The experienced interpreters will make sure your business calls go smoothly without any interruption.

5. Machine (AI) translation tool

Machine translations work with AI and translate a passage automatically or with a mere click. You need to have a targeted language, such as English and the machine translation will translate any other language into English easily and quickly. Amazon translation, Systran Translate PRO, TextUnited etc. are the best examples of machine translation tools. However, these are certainly not free and requires a good technical setup to work. Therefore, these tools may end up being quite confusing for you to work with. Thus, we recommend you go through the other options before starting to work with this option.

We have discussed the top 5 technical tools for translation to be used by small business owners and individuals. Both of free and paid tools have been mentioned and you can choose any of those based on your own preferences. However, you need to make sure all of your requirements to be met effectively before starting.

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