Top 5 Things You Must Consider When Building a Gaming Laptop

Top 5 Things You Must Consider When Building a Gaming Laptop
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28 November 2022

Getting a gaming laptop is slightly different compared to buying a pre-built gaming desktop system or building your desktop rig. While the basic concept of purchasing the option with the best hardware for the best lowest price is the same. However, there are some other factors or things you must consider when building a gaming laptop.

Customizable Gaming Laptop Specifications

The best part of a gaming device is that we can only add the things we need the most. For example, if your usage is power intensive, you must get your hands on a high-performing CPU. Plus, when you plan on building your laptop yourself, you always prefer things, components, and parts that lie within your budget.

There are many components for a gaming rig that you can focus on for getting a dependable gaming experience. These include:

  • System Memory

  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

  • RAM (Random Access Memory)

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Now let's look into the top 5 things you must consider when building a gaming laptop:

  1. Graphics Processing Unit - GPU

For gaming rigs and laptops, the important primary part is the GPU. The GPU inside your laptop will play the primary role in fixing the level of performance your machine can offer. A weaker GPU on a laptop will make it difficult and almost impossible to play today's modern top titles or might only leave you with the option of playing them on lower settings; what a bummer.

This is why you don't want to compromise on a GPU. Let's look into some budget-wise options.

  • $300 to $600 low budget entry-level GPU or integrated lower graphics for a 1080p gaming set at lower settings

  • $600 to $1000 mid-ranging GPU for 1080p gaming set at medium to higher settings

  • $1000 to $2000 higher-end GPU for the 1080p gaming experience set at maximum settings

  • $2000 and above are extreme GPU options for the 1440P or 4K gaming experience set to medium to higher settings

Having seen these price-wise options, when selecting a proper GPU for a gaming machine, there lie two preferred choices you must consider:

  1. Discrete GPU

  2. Integrated GPU

The main difference between the two is how they use memory for functionality.

Discrete GPU

The mechanism for the discreet GPU depends on the separate card and doesn't burden the internal processor for delivering the desired graphics quality. This is how it works independently, without having to disrupt the working capacities of processors.

Thus, a discrete GPU is highly recommended if you want to enjoy the premium experience.

Integrated GPU

The integrated GPU depends on the system's memory to deliver desired graphics performance. It shares the internal memory with the processor to land quality graphics.

CPU or Central Processing Unit

CPU is regarded as the key performance indicator of any laptop, be it gaming or a business one at that. The high-quality CPU in a machine means faster processing power and unceasing functionality.

With a high-powered CPU, you shall get top-notch productivity with only minimal lag if you construct your machine with a top-quality CPU.

  1. Boost RAM

The easiest part of making your gaming rig is getting high-powered RAM. You must double or triple that if you see base models with 8 GB RAM. Getting RAM between 16 to 32 GB is much more ideal for high-end gaming; plus, it is easiest to install by yourself and is not pricey at all.

  1. Enhanced Cooling

You must go for it if you can get your hands on a system that offers boosted cooling with fans on the back, even at a slightly pricier range. Plus, if you can work on replacing the stock fans with powerful models that can spin faster and cool better, go for it too. As overheating is the worst problem of the gaming rig, so you are advised to do all you can to prevent overheating.

Important Tip: Get a cooling laptop stand for enhanced cooling and get a better and higher angle on the table.

  1. Battery Life

The battery life of laptops is notorious for being low, so get a laptop with a larger battery.

Look for and note the average duration of the single charge for a battery. Many makers will offer a single charge duration rating.

But that rating is not made for a gaming laptop, so you must go through the reviews on the laptops you are considering to gauge what kind of battery life you can expect.

  1. Disk Space

If you use the laptop only for gaming, you can get by with a 512 GB SSD. You won't need an HDD or any multiple disks in it. Multiple disks will also produce more heat and prevent your machine's optimum performance. The laptop shall also get heavier, so it is better to rely on external drives where you can keep your essential data.

Final Words

There you have it, a complete guide for the top 5 things you must consider when building a gaming laptop. These considerations can serve as a tentative guide for your next gaming laptop building experience; however, every gamer's needs differ. Thus it is important to research and mix and match the options.

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