Top 5 Video Streaming Platforms - A Guide

Top 5 Video Streaming Platforms - A Guide
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Waiting for a movie to show up on TV is considered old-school now. Like everything is one Google click away – different sorts of movies and tv shows should be just as accessible. From a consumer perspective, streaming platforms are the perfect solution to everything they could hope for. Binge watching? Endless content? No ad interruptions? High-quality content?


And on top of all this – most platforms offer exclusive content to their customers, and the subscription packages are also budget-friendly. If you venture into the streaming market and start working on a digital product, it could upscale your brand and create a substantial impact.


This guide will look at the most popular streaming services right now and why consumers lean towards them.

1.  Netflix 

The first choice is finding movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy specials, and much more. Netflix started in the late 90s, and the company soon found its primary mission with the internet boom and acquiring an extensive content library.

Recently, Netflix generated over $30 billion and is currently globalized in content and production. The streaming platform currently caters to millions of subscribers from more than 190 countries, and there are around 10,000 in the company.

Netflix Originals are a cultural phenomenon now and prove that once businesses focus on providing consumers with exclusivity and top-tier content at reasonable prices, they are bound to succeed. And there is room for subscribers to test the service out with a one-month free trial.

2.  Amazon Prime

Amazon has been exploring new avenues for some time, and Amazon Prime is an entertainment powerhouse. From music to video, you get everything, depending on the plan.

Amazon Video Prime has around 24,000 movies and more than 2,200s shows to choose from; it is endless. Watch hours of content by subscribing to different packages. It will cost less than $20 a month, and a 30-day free trial is included.

Subscribers could watch an entire season of The Boys and The Summer I Turned Pretty, along with any other show or movie. When we looked at the app and the features included, here is what we found:

  • Resume a leftover show or movie
  • Share Prime and invite your friends
  • With X-Ray, get additional details on the case and view the soundtrack
  • Content is downloadable and available for offline use
  • With Watch Party, collaborate with different people

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact that Amazon powers Prime Video ensures top-notch service, and there have barely been any complaints so far. When you contact a mobile app development service in Miami, mention these points.

3.  Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is focused on experience-driven design and content alignment. Similar to Amazon, Apple also expanded its ecosystem and ventured into producing state-of-the-art original content. We are talking about documentaries, comedy specials, critically acclaimed TV shows, and Apple Originals.

The app goes in-depth and is highly personalized in terms of UX/UI design, helping consumers navigate through it quickly and select what they want to watch. And of course, as part of the ecosystem, if you own an Apple device, the streaming service is free for the first three months.

And even a monthly subscription costs just $4.99 for a month. And over five devices can avail of a free monthly trial. Will you do something similar? Are you willing to go for this cost? Figure things out over time.

4.  Hulu

Hulu is an underrated player in the grand streaming marketplace, but there is a lot of overlooked potential, and there are reasons why consumers continue to subscribe to Hulu. Last year, Hulu announced that over 39.3 million subscribers are actively using the platform, with almost 100 million viewers.

The growth cycle of Hulu has been impressive so far, going from $3.1 billion in 2017 to more than $8.2 billion. In the upcoming years, with groundbreaking originals like The Handmaid’s Tale and Love, Victor going viral and leading to more subscribers, we expect Hulu to stay in the market for a while and go beyond.

Hulu is currently priced at $6.99 a month or $75.99 a year, and there are different plans for potential subscribers – depending on what they are looking for. Hulu+ Live TV, ESPN+, and Disney+ are also included as free add–on services.


5.  Disney+

When Disney announced that they would launch a streaming service, the feedback was mixed, and people didn’t know what to expect. Fast forward, Disney+ generated a revenue of $6 billion in 2021, and the exclusive content has been nothing short of excellence.

Disney always had the upper hand with the wide range of content it could potentially provide. From the Disney Renaissance, Pixar, and National Geographic to even the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is diversity included.

And as every quarter passes, Disney+ gets an average of 5 to 8 million new subscribers, spanning 64 countries and continuously expanding. For just $7.99 – consumers get movies and TV shows in 4K HDR resolution without ad interruptions.

Final Thoughts

And this is where we conclude with the list and move toward helping you create a similar digital product. Firstly, it is essential to remember that companies like Apple and Disney had several factors in their favor, and it was easier to gain traction.


When you get in touch with a company for mobile app development in Chicago or elsewhere, reflecting on what the project entails and what you can do is essential. It might seem like an overwhelming process, but things will get in place once everything is detailed.

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