Top 7 Web Design Best Practices for Better Conversions

Top 7 Web Design Best Practices for Better Conversions
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17 December 2021

The first impression is the last! 

The above statement is true in every case. From a person's first impression to a website layout. Am I right? 

Okay, here is a quick question for you. What do you think a person sees on a website as soon as s/he lands on it? Of course, the website design because it either motivates them to access the site further or move to another.

In fact, a study has shown that 38% of people no longer engage with an unattractive website layout. Besides, around 75% of people judge a company’s credibility based on the website design. 

However, what is the best possible way to design a perfect website layout to improve the conversion rate and increase revenue? Have you ever given deep thought to that? 

If not, this blog is for you as here I have prepared a rundown of 7 website design best practices for 2021.

Are you excited to witness all the web design practices for better conversions? If yes, continue reading. I have started this blog with the importance of good website designing for your business.

So, without any further ado, let's get started!

Why Is Good Website Designing Crucial for Your Business?

Good website designing is imperative for every business as it tells the users about your offered products (or services) without being vocal. 

In other words, a good website design creates a strong impression on the users, and most importantly, your competitors are also doing it. 88% of online customers are less likely to return to a website after a poor experience. 

Thus, it becomes crucial to design an attractive website design. Also, an attractive website layout builds the brand credibility, improves Google rankings, reduces the bounce rate, creates consistency, and more. 

So, if you also want to create an engaging and attractive website, you can hire a creative digital agency and get your website design as per your choice and budget. 

7 Essential Website Design Best Practices That You Can't Ignore

  • Design a Simple (Yet Engaging) Layout

One of the best web design practices that you must follow is designing a simple layout to attract the audience in the first go. 

An uncomplicated web design is easier to understand and does not distract the users from the actual message that you intend to convey. Also, an engaging website layout gives a more personalized user experience and builds interaction between users and the website content. 

You can add personalized product suggestions, FAQs section, and more.  

  • Maintain Brand Consistency

After designing a simple website layout, focus on maintaining brand consistency. It creates a compatible brand identity that unifies the user experience for both existing and future customers.

Moreover, brand cohesion makes your brand more recognizable and makes the audience stick to your brand. It also lets the users trust your brand more, which results in more positive feedback. 

Lastly, brand consistency leads to progress in your business. So, never stop delivering the message about your brand's core value. 

  • Use Responsive Design

You don't know from which device the potential user will access your website. It can be from a laptop, computer, mobile phone, or tablet. 

However, you can stay a step ahead of them by building a responsive design. It ensures that the site is accessible on every screen size and does not degrade the user experience. 

Also, per Statista, mobile accounts for half of the website traffic globally. To be more precise, it generated 54.8% of the global website traffic.  

  • Ensure SEO-Friendliness

One of the powerful UX/UI design tips is making your site SEO-friendly. Why? Because SEO can either make or break your online business. Therefore, don't forget to build your website around the latest SEO guidelines.

The SEO-friendly site builds trust and credibility and increases the chances of your site ranking higher in various search engines (mainly Google). Also, it increases the website visibility that encourages the customers to visit your site repeatedly. 

Moreover, it increases the organic traffic and conversion rate of your site and enhances the user experience. 

  • Use Attractive Visual Elements

One of the most creative website design best practices is adding attractive visual elements to your site as the eye-catching elements in the website catch the user's attention the most. 

Visual elements let the users interact with the brand's products (or services) via videos (or images). These elements help the viewers to get the message instantly. Also, do not even bore them while accessing the site. 

Remember, aim for attractive but simple elements. Don’t make them eye-straining.

  • Add Social Media Buttons

If you want more reach for your brand, add social media buttons to your site now. 

You can easily incorporate social media buttons to your site anywhere, like header, footer, or navigation. The addition of social media buttons lets visitors find your social profiles easily. 

Moreover, it allows the audience to share your website content on their social accounts, which results in more reach. In short, it is an effective way to reach more potential customers by expanding your social visibility.

  • Create Strong CTAs

Are we done with all the web design practices for better conversions? I guess there is still one left, and that is -- creating strong CTAs.

In other words, call-to-action is an imperative element as it converts the visitors into customers. Clear (and robust) call-to-actions act like a guide that directs the visitors on each step. When you create clear CTAs, you encourage the audience to take necessary actions, resulting in bringing more business. 

Final Words

I believe you are ready to design your website as you are now familiar with all the website design best practices. Right?

See, if you want a visually appealing web design that can convert better, you must follow all of the above-mentioned website design best practices. And, trust me, once you get your hands on them, your business will become unstoppable. 

So, make your first impression the last (and impactful) by employing the above UX/UI design tips and see your business prosper. 

All the best!

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