Top 8 Ecommerce App Development Companies In The US 2023

Top 8 Ecommerce App Development Companies In The US 2023
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21 December 2022

Do you want to create an eCommerce platform to get maximum user engagement for your business? Then it is the right place to contact the best eCommerce Development Company. As we all know, the demand for eCommerce app development is increasing daily, with numerous entrepreneurs wanting to invest in eCommerce applications.

According to data from 2017, Flipkart accounts for 39.5% of the total market share of the Indian eCommerce industry. Countless investors are interested in creating an eCommerce application after reviewing the market stats. So, to help one of the individuals, we have gathered our sources and come up with the top 8 eCommerce app development companies you must know. Ensure that you read this blog carefully to not miss out on anything important.

Top 8 Ecommerce App Development Companies in the US 2023

Now the time has come when you must go through one of the US's best eCommerce app development companies. This section has compiled a list of the top 8 eCommerce app development companies you should know.


Exadel has been a well-founded eCommerce app development company since 1998, with a history of uplifting over 500 companies with astonishing performance. With nearly 20+ sites across Europe and the US providing cost-efficient and specialized app support to its client firm, this is one of the best app development companies one can ask for. Exadel is a great eCommerce app development company with a history of working for Samsung, eBay, Bank of America, and many more sophisticated firms in the global market. Thus, one can understand the capabilities this company holds.

2. Dev Technosys

Founded in 2010, Dev Technosys is a registered online and eCommerce development company. Businesses are established application development businesses that offer excellent technical support because of their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for technology. Dev Technosys comprises knowledgeable programmers, graphic professionals, and a top-notch analysis team, combining their skills to produce useful e-commerce apps. Utilizing their services could result in innovative eCommerce development. Over the previous few years, they have completed more than 400 projects. Dev Technosys specializes in creating software products, developing mobile apps for Android and iOS, creating online portals and mobile apps, and more.


Stefanini is an international company with various outlets throughout various countries. Stefanini has been established for the past 30 years and consistently provides the best since day one throughout the globe. Stenfanini is one of the international market's oldest and most experienced eCommerce app development companies. With its experienced team force, Stefanini is capable of providing multilevel services like automation, cloud, user experience, and many more one can ask for. Today the firm can provide various advanced mobility, artificial intelligence, and consultancy one can ask for.


Dept is an advanced eCommerce web development company and pioneer technology and marketing company established in the past 30 years. Dept has established its franchise across five continents with 30+ companies of 3500+ workforce expertise in every aspect of digital development. Dept has been giving its best since day one of its establishment and, in 2021, was even certified climate neutral and B corporation with its hard effort and great enthusiasm. Dept is one of the easily accessible eCommerce app development companies throughout any continent.


TechArt is an app development company with an experience of more than 20 years. Itech art has an expert senior experienced workforce, which gives the company an Itech art. It has been supporting and building startups since 2002, helping them fight the tough competition of big firms and helping them to make their place in the global market. Itech art specializes in bringing small firms and startups to the limelight on a global level. If one wants an eCommerce app made out of the best force in the market with no flaws and an easy UI, Itech art is your solution.


Founded in 2011 and grew so fast that today it is capable of fighting the more experienced and older firms in the field of eCommerce app development. With a dedicated team force, hyperlink has developed more than 4500 apps, 2200 websites, 120+ AI & IoT Solutions, 25+ Metaverse Solutions, 20+ NFT Marketplace, 140+ Games, 120+ Salesforce Solutions, 80+ Blockchain Solutions, and many more for their 2,700+ global clients. One of the fastest-growing eCommerce app development companies in today's world. Opting for a service from a hyperlink info system means opting for the best from the market.


Data System is an efficient eCommerce app development firm established in 2019 with the head office in Gujarat. It provides its clients with software, data science services, and other operating tools. The company provides software development, AI, data science, digital research, machine learning, and many more. One of the big analytical data research companies in India. Data System has a clean record of providing on-time projects and with-class services to its clients. The group of experts helps in fulfilling every aspect of its client needs.


Kim Carta is a global digital transformation consultancy and app development firm established in 1964 in the UK. Kim Carta helps in connecting experienced app developers and marketing customers by working as a bridge between them. In 2021 Kim Carta became the first certified B corporation on the London stock exchange. With its experience and hard-working workforce, Kim Carta has never let customers lose faith or hope in its task. A brilliant consult and expertise development of application makes this company one of the leading firms in the global market.


Hopefully, you liked this blog, and now you have the top 8 eCommerce app development companies in your hand. The companies listed above were created after input market and stats research. Hence, if you want to create an app like Letgo, hiring one of the best eCommerce app development companies out of these will be an excellent choice.  


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