Top 8 Helpful Security Apps for Your Mobile Phone

Top 8 Helpful Security Apps for Your Mobile Phone
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So, do you need antivirus software on your phone, taking up extra space, slowing you down, and sending you a barrage of annoying notifications? More than 86% of smartphones worldwide run Android, compared to less than 15% running iOS. It's no surprise that crooks target Android users because iPhones are more designed and secure. 

As a result, many Android users now believe that installing security software is a good idea. Viruses on Android devices are much less common than some media sites would have you believe, and your smartphone is more likely to be stolen than infected. How to check if your phone is tapped, and what is the best approach to determine this? If you are concerned that hackers and viruses could access your accounts, you can learn about a helpful program in this article.

1. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes' sophisticated protection can keep your Android devices safe from ransomware, malware, and other threats. It can quickly identify and remove hazardous threats before your device is infected. While using Chrome, Malwarebytes provides real-time protection and scanning for even the most complex phishing URLs. This feature guarantees safe browsing. Apps installed on your phone or tablet are periodically audited for access permissions by these apps.

 Apps that track your whereabouts, charge you without your knowledge, or listen in on your phone calls can all be found and removed from your phone. Malwarebytes can instantly scan all of your files for malware and potentially hazardous apps, including adware, screen locks, etc. It is compatible with Android 6.0 and various languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German, and many more.

2. Avast Mobile Security

Android users have long regarded Avast as a top antivirus app. The all-in-one solution protects your device from all angles you didn't know existed. Avast is a feature-rich antivirus product that offers a privacy adviser and a customizable list. If you don't want to spend a fortune, the free version already comes with many handy options. Aside from providing real-time protection against virus threats and the ability to remove malware manually, the software also includes more than 20 different language options.


This antivirus program comes with various useful tools, including a virus scanner that utilizes the most recent viral intelligence. After you install an app, it runs an automatic scan. Using its Web Protection, it can keep an eye out for malware while you're online. VIPRE Android Security, a well-known security app, is an excellent substitute. It protects your Android device from more than 20,000 known infections and viruses, putting your privacy first. This capability can geo-locate the device, lock it, sound alarms, and wipe it from other internet-connected devices. 

The new Autopilot serves as a security counselor, providing you with a wealth of information on your device's security. Using VIPRE Android Security, you can determine whether or not your login information is secure and keep it completely private. The security program captures an image if someone attempts to meddle with your phone. 

4. Norton Mobile Security

Even if it had remained available, the free antivirus app from Norton was one of the best. The good news is that, for a fair annual fee, you can have near-total peace of mind thanks to features like industry-leading security and threat detection, an excellent app adviser, and a straightforward user interface. Even with the accessible version of Norton Antivirus, the current version includes excellent Android security capabilities. The program can identify and remove all types of malware from your computer. In the Play Store, the app has a variety of free stand-alone apps, such as an app locker, a password manager, and more.

5. 360 Security

You should install this software immediately if you notice any of the following symptoms. Of the mobile security apps I've tried, this one has been the most user-friendly and straightforward. The finest security apps for Android now include 360 Security as well. The app quickly examines your programs for signs of infection. Junk cleaner, performance booster, lock screen with different purposes, CPU cooler, and anti-theft protection are just a few of its notable features.

 For added security, it also offers a multi-function lock screen that lets you see your phone's current condition on your lock screen. As an all-in-one program, its sole drawback is that some of its features are subpar or superfluous. However, the app's security measures are first-rate, so that should be enough to persuade most people to use it. 

6. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Everything that makes an excellent antivirus program is perfectly balanced in this one. In addition to being extremely light on your phone's processing resources, the Bitdefender app includes a VPN, an ad-blocker, and superior malware detection. In addition to virus and malware removal, the software has various privacy measures, including an app lock, anti-theft features, and data breach alerts. The software even checks wifi networks to see if they are vulnerable or under assault. The Premium version's quality and quantity of features make it a bargain.

7. SafeTrek

Having a way to contact someone in case of an emergency is one of the best things about always having a smartphone on you. You can now transform your phone into a safety device using SafeTrek. Holding down the SafeTrek button on the screen is how it works when you're in a bad situation. When you release your grip, a police station near you will receive your GPS location.

8. Orbot

Orbot is a member of the Tor project, an Android software that allows you to route all of your traffic over the Tor network. While a VPN relies on a single server, Tor utilizes a network of tunnels to ensure no traces of your online activity are left behind. You may have a secure mobile data connection using Orbot. Repeatedly, encrypted data is re-encrypted, and the data must undergo multiple cycles of encryption and decryption to reach the intended destination.


Maintaining the security of such data becomes increasingly important when we save it on our mobile devices. It's common for people to make mistakes when using their mobile phones, and this program will keep your phone from falling victim to a virus-infecting mistake. Thus, users can protect their data by installing security software on their phones. It's a good idea to test some of the apps on this list.

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