Top Airbnb Management Software

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Top Airbnb Management Software

Running an Airbnb short-term rental business is a complex process. It consists of many daily tasks that must be done quickly and efficiently.

One of the best ways to streamline these tasks is to use custom Airbnb business management software. Investing in vacation rental property management software is one of the success factors for your business.

In this article, we will talk about the most popular Airbnb Management Software. 

Best Airbnb Management Software Services 


Hosty provides a wide range of tools to manage your Airbnb property easily. This site offers the software you need to run your Airbnb business effectively.

Here are the main features that Hosty provides:


  • Airbnb Listing Manager, which helps you efficiently create and manage your listings: update the price list, display the availability of apartments, etc.
  • Auto messages. This feature helps to speed up the response to typical questions from customers: this will increase their loyalty and improve your Host rating.
  • Auto reviews. Automatic reviews will be sent to your guests upon check-out to not only leave them with a positive experience but also help improve your Airbnb performance.

If you work in a team, Airbnb Team Manager will also help you. It will improve communication between specialists and increase your efficiency.

Pricing: from $10/month

Trial: yes


Guesty is a user-friendly property management platform for short-term rentals. Here you will find comprehensive solutions to your problems. You can save time in developing your business and simplify management tasks.

Main functions:

  • Auto-replies. You will be able to set up instant custom answers to the most common questions of your potential customers.
  • Automatic pricing will adjust the reservation cost depending on the season, day of the week, holidays, etc.
  • Auto reviews. Leave feedback to your guests without spending time and effort: the Guesty service will do it for you.
  • Autopay. Set up auto-pay for your listings to earn money quickly and securely.

Pricing: from $23/month

Trial: yes


If you want to start a successful Airbnb business, Lodgify's business process management software is the way to go. Its tools will allow you to increase your occupancy and income.

Main functions:

  • Automate pricing. Price management tools will adjust the cost of renting your property depending on the market situation in your location.
  • Auto messages. Communication with guests is an essential part of the Airbnb business process. Automatic replies will help you look engaged in the eyes of your guests and save time.
  • Autobooking. Send your potential customers a registration form where they can fill in all the information about their arrival.
  • Answer. Positive feedback for your guests is very important so that automated reviews will help your Airbnb Host rankings.

Pricing: paid version from 12$/month

Trial: free version available


Igms is a short-term rental software service that will help your business grow 24/7. The service provides many useful features that will surely be helpful to you.

Main functions:

  • Automated smart messages. Guests often send a lot of typical questions about booking features, amenities, etc. Save your time by setting up automatic answers to popular questions! Igms will help you with this.
  • Pop-up notifications. This way, you will get all the important messages from the client (yes, automatic replies will help you, but sometimes you may need a personal answer). It will also help you interact with the team and invited experts.
  • Automatic review management. How to encourage your guests to leave you positive reviews? Write reviews for them! Auto reviews will help you delight your guests without spending a lot of time.
  • Auto key management. With this tool, you can track online whether your guests checked in on time, whether they handed over the keys to the cleaner on the day of departure, etc. It is very convenient if you do not live with guests in the same house.
  • Finance report. The system will generate automatic financial information that will allow you to analyze your profits and draw up a more relevant business strategy for the future.

Pricing: from $1 per booked night

Trial: yes


Hostaway offers owners and managers a complete business development solution. The service provides many useful tools for automation, communication, accounting, etc. An individualized approach and flexibility of solutions will allow you to achieve success in the shortest time.

Main functions:

  • Auto-messages for communication with clients, team, and outsourcing specialists. Thanks to quick responses, you will increase your efficiency and win the favor of guests.
  • Auto reviews. More positive reviews mean more bookings. So you should constantly work on improving your reputation.
  • Autotasks. Manage the daily routine of your Airbnb business with automated software. Tasks for cleaning, booking, and purchasing consumables will be performed much more efficiently.
  • Auto payments. You will be sure that the payment will be processed correctly and safely. Your clients will also be sure that their funds are transferred to you.

Pricing: Customized Pricing

Trial: demo version available


Airbnb business management software can improve your efficiency and increase your revenue. Many services offer tools to optimize daily tasks, communicate with guests and professionals, process bookings, and make payments. In this article, we have described the TOP 5 best services that will help you build a profitable Airbnb business. Save time, find your growth points, and improve your performance.

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