Top App Development Companies in Chicago

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The next city in the list of top app creators is Chicago. As we have already covered many cities from the US for the app development companies. Chicago is definitely one of the most famous cities in the US. Today none of the cities is left behind in terms of technology. If you are the one looking for an app developer specifically based in Chicago, then you must definitely go through this list of Top App Development Companies in Chicago.

app development companies chicago

app development companies chicago

To get this list down, we have considered a number of factors for the analysis of these companies. I would like to share these factors here:

  • The popularity of the company.
  • The clients they have served.
  • The quality of service and customer satisfaction they delivered so far.
  • The years in service.

1.Dom & Tom

This is a digital product agency founded in 2009. They have launched more than 400+ web projects and around 120 mobile applications with the teams based in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The support is made through open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience, engaging design, and cross-platform development for web, mobile, and emerging technologies. With an excellent rating and user reviews, Dom and Tom are doing really well with their strategy plan. This makes it a part of this list of Top App Development Companies in Chicago.

2. Red Foundry

Red Foundry is a mobile application design and development firm, founded in 2009. It is lead and governed by seasoned business and technology executives. Their main motive is to help the clients to “mobilize their business” which they do by creating award winning native mobile applications for the iOS and android platforms. They partner with entrepreneurs and early-staged startups to launch their mobile-enables business. They also work with established corporations to build various mobile products that support digital transformation.

It began accidentally by building iphone apps for fun. But then they moved on to make the mobile app easier and faster. They comprise a team of creative software engineers who are passionate about their work.

All of this together helped in bringing the Red Foundry to this list of Top App Development Companies in Chicago.

3. Eight bit studios

They call themselves app experts that have been working since 2008. Eight bit studios are a group of smart technologists from the westside who are known for their app initiatives. They have amazing skills to work with design and graphics.

All of these can shake things up with a creative combination of UX, Design and technology. They work with a motive to get the best out of a code. What makes them one of the Top App Development Companies in Chicago is their taking every idea as an opportunity to do better.

4. Mercury Development

And this is one the oldest companies in the list with 18+ years of experience. It was founded back in 1999 and is successfully running now. They have reached to over 40 million active users for their mobile applications. Mercury development offers expertise in various aspects in digital and mobile transformation. These aspects include UX/UI, design, analysis, strategy and development- all under one roof.

Apart from this, they have got all kinds of experience working in various major mobile platforms as well as some emerging platforms. From Startup organizations to Fortune 100 companies, their extensive platform expertise makes them the ideal candidate for multi-platform, cross-platform development and porting projects. With all these innumerable functions and achievements, it is definitely one of the Top App Development Companies in Chicago.

5. Codal

Codal was founded in 2009. With over 9 years of industrial experience, Codal is a full stack mobile app development and UX design agency. It consists of a team of innovators, creators and makers. They bring out the best in every brand that they work with. Their clients vary from small businesses to enterprises, but the strategy they follow remains the same. The only focus is to deliver the best solutions out of the resources possible. Some of the services they offer include – User Experience and Interface Design, Web and Mobile App Development and a few more to name. With all these functions, Codal is today one of the Top App Development Companies in Chicago.

6. Ethervision

Ethervision is a native mobile app development company based in Chicago, founded in  2008. The first three of the 50 applications launched on the app store in 2008 were from Ethervision. Since then, they have developed nearly 200 applications and achieved a lot of praise.

To list down a few achievements of ethervision, first one is- it has been featured by Apple 27 times both on the homepage of itunes app store and across Apple retail stores globally. Many applications by ethervision have been ranked worldwide. These achievements are what made them here in the list of Top App Development Companies in Chicago.

7. ORA

With the best user reviews and ratings, ORA is an award-winning digital product studio. It was founded in 2009 and since then is doing wonders in fields of mobile and web development. Their portfolio comprises more than 300 native mobile apps, web apps or internet-of-things products.

8. Vault Innovation

A recent set-up in 2012, Vault innovation have proved to be very helpful for various businesses. They say,”Build a business, not app”. This truly describes they have helped a lot in the growth of various businesses in a less time. It is a development studio which works on mobile and web innovation.

9. Sphere Software

Sphere Software has built innovative software solutions for industry leaders since 2005. Sphere software routinely helps a wide range of clients from start-ups to Fortune 100 by transforming initial visions into effective technological products. The consulting and development services include: Agile Mobile & Web Custom Applications, DevOps Engineering and many more.

10. DevMynd

It is a trusted design and technology studio that is situated in Chicago and San Francisco. It was established in 2010. With 8 years of experience in this field, DevMynd combine with their clients to solve their most important challenges- for the customers, employee and communities.

They are one of the Top App Development Companies in Chicago Because they combine innovation strategy, human-centered design, and high-quality software engineering to bring ambitious solutions to life.

With this we sum-up our list of Top App Development in Chicago. If you really are looking for an app developer, you should surely go through these in the list. If you think of any other name to be considered in the list, you can write us back at or you can also reach us out in the comment section below.



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