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28 September 2022

What is Bit Index AI?

Bit Index AI is an online platform that claims to use artificial penetration to automate cryptocurrency trading. According to the website, the process works by using Bit Indexs state-of-the-art algorithms to determine little price fluctuations and automatically trade them behind the intend of making profits.
It can in view of that play a part out the best gate and exit prices for positions. The platforms website states the amass process is unconditionally automated and in view of that users dont dependence to bother nearly having any prior crypto investing knowledge.
Users can start trading cryptos in the manner of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin instantly after they have passed a KYC verification. This step usually takes going on for 10 minutes to complete. Users can accrual using a variety of payment methods including bank transfers, debit and version cards, and BitGo.

Bit Index AI Pros & Cons


  • Demo account available
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Automated process
  • Good range of cryptos


  • $250 minimum deposit
  • Cryptoassets are a severely volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

How Does Bit Index AI Work?

Bit Index AI claims to use an artificial intelligence algorithm to determine price moves in the crypto promote and create small trades to capitalize on these moves for growth.
To accomplish this, the website says it incorporates data from a number of sources and conducts trend, Stoch, Williams, and MACD indicators to determine optimal contact and exit points. It without help ever reacts to enliven publicize trends, appropriately these strategies are forever implemented which heightens its efficiency.
In complement to the complex indicators, Bit Index AI uses a number of social media and news feed data points to support forecast innovative price movements. The platform apparently dedicates at least 20 minutes per daylight to analyzing these highly developed price moves.

Bit Index AI Key Features

In the below section, we agree to a see at some of the key features that the Bit Index AI platform gives users permission to:

Demo trading account

A demo account can be a good artifice for beginners to start trading markets subsequently no risk. Users will gain an account taking into consideration $100,000 virtual capital, and they can use this to test out Bit Index AIs features. The demo account replicates the conditions and price moves of actual markets, fittingly users will acquire the experience of actual trading. Demo accounts are good for full of life tools in the same way as leverage without bearing any risk.


Another tool that is offered by Bit Index AI is leverage. Leverage allows users to lever taking place their trades, borrowing capital from the broker. This can be potentially be a tool to make larger trades than your capital allows. However, bit index ai can perform both ways and can guide to steep losses unless correctly managed. We recommend that you reach your research and ensure youre up to date of the risks before using leverage.

Autonomous trading

The website claims that the Bit Index AI process is no question automated. So, Bit Index AI claims to be skillful to create trades on your behalf without you having to admission and near positions yourself.

Fast execution

Bit Index AI claims to have unconditionally fast broadcast permission and can admission and close trades within milliseconds.

Customer support

There is afterward a high level of customer preserve upon Bit Index AI. The customer retain department is get into 24/7 for users to get in adjoin following if they complete warfare any problems whilst trading on the platform. There is next an email and enliven chat put on an act to back up users as soon as any queries.
Furthermore, Bit Index AI offers access to dedicated account managers should anything go wrong with users accounts. These managers are on hand to assist once any problems, which is great for enhancing the user experience.
Cryptoassets are a terribly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

Bit Index AI Fees

Aside from the $250 minimum deposit, Bit Index AI charges no additional fees. This does seem slightly odd, as most brokers achievement commission and/or withdrawal fees. However, it is realizable that Bit Index AI makes its maintenance from charging unadulterated spreads, although our review was not skillful to determine the legitimacy of this claim. under is a table containing every of the fee recommendation for 

Bit Index AI.Is Bit Index AI a Scam?

Due to the tall leverage, and low fees, users may question the legitimacy of the platform. A broker offering 100:1 leverage does seem rather fishy. For example, if users were trading considering $10,000 later theoretically, they would be practiced to leverage in the works this approach to $1,000,000.
It is somewhat unlikely that Bit Index AI has this kind of capital to lend out to users. In addition to this, the platforms homepage says that it has been featured upon Forbes, CNN, and However, a quick google search will appearance that none of these news outlets have ever covered Bit Index AI. This as a consequence reduces the legitimacy of the broker.
However, users get have to pass a KYC support to set going on an account, and the platform claims to be joined subsequently numerous regulated brokers. This seems to check the boxes of legitimacy.
Overall we were unable to avow Bit Index AIs claims suitably make clear you realize your own research since signing up.

Bit Index AI Minimum Deposit

As mentioned, since depositing, users must pass a KYC verification which means they habit to manage to pay for accurate forms of supervision ID. as soon as this stage has been completed, users can growth using a range of payment methods including bank transfer, debit/credit card, and BitGo.
All of these deposits are forgive of charge. In supplement to this, the platform supports numerous fiat currencies including EUR, AUD, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, and CAD. The minimum growth is $250, and withdrawals can bow to stirring to 24 hours to process.

Bit Index AI Customer Support

There is a 24/7 dedicated team to encourage like queries regarding users accounts. In supplement to this, there is a team of account managers ready to back later any problems users have. Finally, the website has a bring to life chat put-on and withhold email if users compulsion other support.

How to Use Bit Index AI

Now we have covered all of the vital guidance roughly speaking Bit Index AI, its period to acknowledge readers through a lead on how they can set happening an account.
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