Top Educational App Development Features for 2022

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Top Educational App Development Features for 2022

Educational media has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. With the advent of new technologies, conforming learning methods are rapidly being replaced by online learning platforms and educational app development. It's no surprise that there are a plethora of mobile apps available today that provide excellent goal-based learning.

And the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of educational apps, making them an essential part of the modern educational ecosystem. Due to the pandemic, teachers and students have been required to contact each other through digital platforms to exchange information. As a result, a number of educational applications have been developed around the world.

What is an e-learning application?

An e-learning application is an interactive website that allows users to enter data and get the expected results through interactions. Your students can use a web browser with an active internet connection to view the application from a remote location.

SmallBizTrends reports that 90% of students believe that online learning is better than traditional learning. Using e-learning applications, you can engage your students in a virtual learning network.

What is the importance of educational apps?

We are all aware that smartphones have become a common part of students' lifestyles in recent years and that mobile phones bring with them an almost endless number of entertainment platforms. These platforms take up a lot of students' precious time, so this pinch of change in the form of educational apps has been warmly received by all the students. E-learning applications focused on obtaining basic information that will help them in further education and everyday life.

These apps offer top-notch ways to get kids to study and more importantly, make learning fun. Check out some other significant benefits of educational apps:

  • These applications have higher retention and completion rates. They pride themselves on providing information in a clear and simple manner. Students can quickly complete one course before moving on to the next.
  • Lack of collaboration has been shown to reduce the quality of student learning. However, one of the key concepts of these educational apps is to support collaborative learning within the app through online communities.
  • These apps allow for more flexible learning by offering students a variety of learning options in the form of podcasts, videos, and other helpful ways.
  • One area where these apps place a lot of emphases is increasing student engagement. They have worked tirelessly to make apps accessible to students anytime, anywhere.
  • Parents were included in this system because they are continuously informed about their children's school or university achievements. Exam readiness, comprehension factor and time spent studying are all included in the report generated by these apps for parents.

Features of developing applications for education

Needless to say, all the benefits of your educational app will lie in the educational app features that you need to include. You need to keep your target market in mind when considering specific features.

The features you ultimately decide to include in your educational app will depend on who you're targeting. We have listed a number of key features to consider when entering the development stages. Some may cater to teachers, while others are more geared towards students. In any case, the features below can be quite beneficial for students and teachers. Look:

High-level content

High-quality content is one thing that keeps users coming back. Schedule units, lessons, and any other segments that are essential in your field. Make sure any material is of high quality and can hold students' interest. Images and videos should be high resolution and any text should be well developed and targeted to the intended audience. Another valuable type of content is video content. It provides the student with a wealth of knowledge at every moment and is the closest thing to meeting a professor in person.

Strong database

The next necessary step is to create a database with all the necessary information about the lessons. This is done to facilitate future updates. Facilitators can do this at the touch of a finger, and information that is always updated will keep your students engaged. Even if you don't know how to code, building apps without code is getting easier. It's another thing to figure out what kind of interface your target audience needs.

Login in one step

A decent educational app must include a one-step login feature. One-step login saves time and allows students to focus on their studies.

Tutoring that is interactive

Although interactive sessions with live instructors are sometimes seen as a bonus and therefore excluded from educational applications, they should be considered a necessary part. Additional features can help the educational institution that originally published the app earn more money, and the students will be extremely grateful.

Performance test and reports

Tests and progress reports should be an integral part of any educational application. They are also part of an individualized educational approach. Giving students the ability to take practice tests at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home is a guaranteed approach to help them get ahead: There are services that allow you to customize the learning app however you want, so check to see if a quiz feature is included. It will allow your students to track their progress and change the pace and content of learning as needed.

Question/answer module

A clearer choice, question-and-answer modules are great for test preparation and studying. Students can log in and go through a series of questions before the test. Then you have the option to add awards and badges to encourage students.

Level setting

Necessary for the question/answer function above, the application should allow users to set the difficulty level so that the student does not get bored with simple questions and lose their attention.

Teacher/student messaging

For general inquiries after school, the messaging feature is a great way to allow students and teachers to communicate outside of school. Whether students need extra help or parents have a question, instant messaging can make communication faster and easier.


For younger students who are just learning to read, and speech or narrative features may best help the student understand what is being asked. This can be especially useful for students who are learning English as a second language, or for any student who is just learning a second language.

Notes on classroom management

These are great features for teachers. Whether they need to mark absent, or tardy students or take notes on behavior, management notes are a great way to do this. Additionally, they can be used alongside other features such as storage and reminders.


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