Top Industries Where Geomatics Services & GIS Can Shine

Top Industries Where Geomatics Services & GIS Can Shine
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15 November 2022

Geomatics services are now more important than ever in many industries across the world.

In the data-driven world of now, the amounts of data that geomatics and GIS contain can prove to be beneficial for a ton of industries.

The data can be utilized to improve standards of living, and economic conditions and can even save lives. Here are some of the industries that can benefit from geomatics services.

Industries Were Geomatics Services & GIS Can Play A Big Role

1. Supply Chain Management
The supply chain across the world was largely affected post-COVID. However, geomatics and GIS can play an important role in ensuring that the products reach the customers on time and in the condition that they want them in.

For instance, with the help of geomatics & GIS, tracking the shipment, and checking whether the shipment was transported correctly can be done easily.

2. Forestry & Timber
The timber industry or forestry is a complex one with lots of elements involved.

It is essential for them to determine the right wooded areas which provide them with the best wood and don’t have a drastic impact on the environment too, by efficiently planning harvests. The data collected through geomatics and mapped via GIS can help in afforestation programs.

The data can help figure out the right areas where trees can be planted by projecting the annual rainfall, minimum and maximum temperatures, and the dry season too. Foresters in many areas have started relying on GIS to opt for conscious harvesting practices. This doesn’t just save the environment but also allows the timber industry to save a ton of cost and time.

3. City Planning
The urban planning department of most of the city councils and municipalities across the world was one of the primary adopters of the geomatics services.

City planning takes a lot of strategizing and planning in order to identify and set up buildings, and other infrastructure. Identifying public places, business centers, and government buildings and how to place them is a big challenge in hand.

Geomatics and GIS planning can help city planners identify the places that can accommodate the infrastructure without impacting any historic structures or existing citizens’ livelihoods. Moreover, it can also help planners identify underutilized spaces and put them to good use like building parks or setting up a small solar farm on a parking lot.

4. Healthcare and Health Services
Medical services and healthcare specifically relies heavily on location. Locations can have a great amount of impact and can even convey the origins of the disease. Medical professionals relied on geomatics for contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent the spread of the disease further. Many countries used data such as GPS records, cell phone tracking, etc to trace the origins of the disease and implement measures to contain them.

Conclusion: Catering To Several Industries At Once
The introduction of geomatics and its frequent evolution has made it a technology that’s more versatile than technical. With so many industries relying on geomatics services these days, the service providers need to provide top-notch service that’s tailor-made for each industry’s specific requirements.

That’s where experienced geomatics services providers like Core Geomatics step in. With more than 13 years in operation, the team at Core has an experience in lots of industries including construction, transportation, land development, and utility industry which includes gas, water lines, communication network, and renewable energy to name some of them.

With the right technology and professionals from vastly experienced backgrounds, they are fully aware of different industries and their backgrounds.

Check out Core Geomatics and their list of geomatics services today to know more.

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