How do I fix the screen on my Microsoft Surface touchscreen?

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Software updates

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has received an update in the form of Windows 10 v. laptop repair near me. This is a mandatory update, and it will automatically bring all the latest features and security enhancements to your device. To ensure that your device is updated, you need to apply the update using the software CD that came with your device. When your system receives the software update, it will check for updates on the same location as the firmware update and will automatically install them.

Windows 10 Feature Update

Microsoft has also released an update for the Windows 10 operating system. The update brings with it various improvements, such as the task pane, which allows you to run multiple tasks simultaneously, as well as the task pane of the taskbar being filled with information, just by tapping on it. The Microsoft Surface Repair Center will let you know about the update that has just been installed and will automatically install the latest version.

The screens are particularly well packed in appropriate boxes to ensure a perfect reception of your order. A Set dismantling tools will be offered with each Microsoft Surface Repair Screen Kit as well as a tempered glass window to avoid new scratches or scratches on your beautiful brand new screen.

“Successfully working with adhesive is one of the most challenging aspects of repairing the Surface line. Adhesive must be precisely loosened without damaging other components. During reassembly, achieving a strong bond requires precise application of force. While not necessary to complete a DIY repair, these new tools are designed to prevent damage and will help technicians performing a high volume of repairs, and assist in improving accuracy and matching factory-level adhesion.”


It is recommended that you schedule an appointment at your local walk-in repair shop for expedited services. We have several locations in Florida, and a mail-in depot if you are not nearby.


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