Top Reasons to Choose Shopify for eCommerce Development

Top Reasons to Choose Shopify for eCommerce Development
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12 December 2022

Shopify is a complete package for eCommerce development and has grown in popularity over the past few years. The platform allows online store owners to sell their products through various sales channels. Shopify merchants spread over 175 countries get a range of intelligent features that cover all aspects of running and managing an online store effectively and efficiently. The platform generated $590 billion in sales in 2022 from over 4.1 million eCommerce sites developed using Shopify. The way Shopify has forecasted trends and built the right features for the emerging needs of modern-day online retailers makes it a future-proof eCommerce development platform. This post highlights some critical reasons why Shopify seems to be the most promising platform in the coming time.

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What Makes Shopify an Ideal Pick for All-size eCommerce Stores?

Factors that Make Shopify Stand Out

  • Shopify is Impeccable as a Core Product

  • Incredible Features

  • Drag & Drop Store Builder

  • Customization

  • Apps & Third-party Integrations Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Enhanced SEO and Marketing

  • Effective Store Management

  • Community Support

Wait! Advantages Never End with Shopify

  • Front-end Customization

  • Multichannel Selling

  • POS

  • Media & Content Storage

  • Swift Checkout

  • Insights & Analytics

  • Innovative Merchandising

  • Banking Solutions



hat Makes Shopify an Ideal Pick for All-size eCommerce Stores?

Shopify is an extremely easy-to-use platform that requires no coding skills to exploit its benefits fully. Additionally, the kind of admin and front-end support it offers adds to online retailers' flexibility and store management capabilities. The low-cost entry and exceptional support from the Shopify community make it a fit choice for beginners.

For large-size eCommerce stores, Shopify has extraordinary capabilities to handle significant traffic and sales with seamless support for customer management. Store owners can easily integrate systems like CRM, CMS, and ERPs into their stores and reduce costs to a significant level with Shopify’s eCommerce automation toolkit. In addition, its multi-channel support and compliance with the highest security standards keep Shopify in the world's most preferred list of eCommerce platforms.

Factors that Make Shopify Stand Out

Every eCommerce development platform offers almost the same features and functionalities, but do you know what creates a difference? It’s the level of ease and updating features regularly matching emerging customers’ expectations. Here are some unique factors that set Shopify apart from its competitors.

Shopify is Impeccable as a Core Product

As soon as you purchase any Shopify plans, you get a complete set of advanced tools to manage your online store efficiently, offering added customization options. The templates make your store look stunningly different from your competitors. In contrast, tools like logo maker, slogan maker, domain name generator, pay stub generator, and much more help you create a fully customized store for your target audience.

Moreover, as an eCommerce store grows, the need to scale up according to growing requirements and offer robust upgrades also becomes a priority. Shopify has evolved as an innovative eCommerce development platform offering constant updates for online retailers to match current trends and customer preferences. The platform also supports the seamless integration of intuitive and responsive apps on its app store without struggling with the codes. Hence, you can easily use cutting-edge tools and develop a strong network by launching a Shopify app for your store.

Incredible Features

Shopify development offers you exciting and intuitive features to plan, manage, and run your online store with utter perfection and professionalism. Let’s look at some fantastic features that make Shopify distinct from others.

Drag & Drop Store Builder: This is one of the most dominant benefits for which small businesses especially prefer Shopify. You can quickly build your online store by dragging and dropping elements wherever required. The platform comes with built-in technicalities taking good care of each aspect comprehensively.

Customization: The customization capabilities of Shopify make it a hot-favorite platform for all sizes of online stores. You get some amazing ready-to-use themes that you can easily customize according to your unique business requirements. Using JavaScript and CSS in Shopify Plus enables online retailers to offer a seamless experience to their customers.

Apps & Third-party Integrations: You get over 1500 verified applications on the Shopify marketplace, which can help you manage different eCommerce sections with extreme preciseness. Shopify is available in different plans, and the higher the plan you choose for your Shopify development project, the more apps you get to enhance your store management capabilities.

Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth: Shopify perfectly caters to the growing requirements of online stores. Thus, it offers high bandwidth and multiple-order processing simultaneously. As it’s a cloud-hosted software, you can easily scale up according to your growing requirements and with 100% uptime.

Enhanced SEO and marketing: Shopify comes with advanced SEO capabilities providing the right meta tags & titles and plugins like SEO Plus or SEO Booster to elevate your rankings. You also get social media integration, multi-channel selling, and an automated sitemap to attract more traffic to your site.

Effective Store Management: Beginner online store owners get some useful and smart features on Shopify to create customer profiles and manage accounts and groups. You get email templates supporting your marketing activities and process automation for orders, inventory, packing, and shipping.

Community Support: Switching to Shopify makes you eligible to get instant support from various entrepreneurs, merchants, and developers. From online to offline and everything that falls in between, the Shopify community lets you leverage the fullest potential of this largest-growing eCommerce platform.

Wait! Advantages Never End with Shopify

Shopify provides several straightforward ways to turn your ideas into a reality. Here are some more benefits of switching to Shopify.

Front-end Customization: You can personalize your site's front end to offer your customers a seamless shopping experience. This helps you retain existing customers and attract new ones to your store.

Multichannel Selling: Shopify allows online retailers to promote and sell products through a range of channels from a single centralized platform. You can integrate social channels and keep attracting new audiences wherever they are.

POS: Shopify offers you critical insights regarding the data you need to sell your products. The POS system allows online retailers to manage staff, track inventory, and process transactions.

Media & Content Storage: Shopify allows you to portray your brand’s story and image with the most relevant content and data. The storage is built upon meta fields, support for media files, and various other foundational elements to offer an exceptional shopping experience.

Swift Checkout: Shopify offers one of the fastest checkouts in the world, where customers just add a product to their cart and head toward shipping and payment information even before that order is placed.

Insights & Analytics: Shopify’s report & analytics offer valuable insights on customer data and purchasing patterns that prove to be much more resourceful for customizing your store according to your customers’ growing and changing needs.

Innovative Merchandising: Store owners get ample opportunities to merchandise effectively with Shopify. Whether it is visual displays or product bundling, you can sell and promote your products innovatively to boost sales and elevate your brand image.

Banking Solutions: Manage your funds smartly with Shopify’s Balance and Capital option. Manage your account from a single place and get easy access to funds as and when required.


If you are looking forward to building an independent brand and reaching out to customers around the globe, Shopify is specifically built for you. In the coming time, Shopify is expected to release regular updates considering the global eCommerce trends and technology shifts. These are likely to enhance the overall growth projections for all eStores built using Shopify. Therefore, if you choose this platform, stay tuned to get all the updates on how to grow your eStore using Shopify.

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