Top Streamers to Watch

Top Streamers to Watch
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Whether you’re a Call of Duty grinder or love designing homes in The Sims 4, there’s a streamer out there for you. Streaming has become a huge source of entertainment for the gaming community, allowing us to watch top players and entertaining personalities play our favorite games. Here are some of the best Twitch streamers to watch for inspiration.

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Former Overwatch League pro xQc has become the most-viewed streamer of all time. From Just Chatting sessions to playing Overwatch 2 or GTA Online, xQc has created a huge following thanks to his wacky personality. xQc isn’t afraid to speak his mind and always has an over-the-top reaction to almost everything he watches and plays.

Pokimane has become one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch over the years thanks to her genuine personality. She spends a lot of time Just Chatting with her followers but is also one of the highest ranks in VALORANT. She has started branching out to fashion and travel content as of late, giving people an even more authentic look at her life and interests. Despite the trolls and sexism, Pokimane has remained very positive.

This loud and animated streamer has quickly rose up the Twitch ranks to become the most-subbed English channel. Kai was also named Streamer of the Year at the Streamies in 2022. He is usually found in Just Chatting or playing shooters, but also creates content for YouTube. That’s where he got his start. He’s been grinding for a while, making him an inspiration to other young content creators.

Sweet Anita
Sweet Anita is one of the most honest and genuine streamers out there. She isn’t afraid to be herself and is very candid about her Tourettes Syndrome. Sweet Anita is great at Overwatch but most people come to hear her joke around with her viewers. She isn’t afraid to talk about Tourettes, her sex life, and sexism. Nothing is off limits!

If you’re looking for a straight up gamer that just plays games at a high level, check out Shroud. He excels at every game he touches, making him really hype to watch even if he doesn’t talk as much as other streamers. He started off as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro and has since become known for his skills in VALORANT and other shooters.

The Smash community has continued to thrive despite backlash from Nintendo. Hungrybox is one of the top content creators in the scene. He’s both a top Melee player as well as one of the most popular Ultimate streamers. He’s known for his over-the-top thumbnails and pop-offs, but he is also extremely talented at entertaining his fans as he plays Ultimate and other Nintendo games.

Ninja is the OG of streaming. He is the first gamer to become mainstream, even appearing in NFL commercials. He has gone through a few transformations since he entered the scene playing Fortnite with blue hair, but he’s remained popular due to his dedication to entertainment and his passion for the gaming community.

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