Trainers and Mentors

Trainers and Mentors
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Trainers are those who coach students and youngsters for any purpose. They do provide proper knowledge about certain purposes. They even teach certain beneficial skills for professional development. They are responsible for ensuring that new employees receive on boarding training to prepare them for their roles. A good trainer can use alternative teaching methods to cater to various individuals.


A mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modelling positive behaviours. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee. Some of the responsibilities of mentors are to provide guidance, advice, feedback, and support to the mentee. Some of the responsibilities of mentors are to provide guidance, advice, feedback, and support to the mentee.

How are a Mentor and Trainer interlinked and different?

Mentors and trainers are more or less interlinked. Mentors do play a more informal role than the trainer but both of their efforts are jointly combined. The relationship is meant to be a professional one that bridges the gap into the personal. A mentor shares their knowledge, and skills to help another person to develop and grow. A coach is someone who provides guidance to a client on their goals and helps them reach their potential.

Although they have different goals and use different approaches, there are many similarities between coaching and mentoring. Both rely on relationship building (usually one on one). Coaching and mentoring both seek to enhance a person’s skills and knowledge. Both require self- disciplined and awareness.

Why do we need mentors and trainers?

Mentors and trainers are very much important for our life skills. Mentors do encourage and enable another person’s professional or personal development. A mentor can help focus their efforts by setting goals and giving feedback. As a result, companies that want to build employees' skills often create a mentoring program.

Training and mentoring an employee makes them more valuable to your organization by developing and enhancing their skills_ both personally and professionally. By being interested in the growth of your staff, you can show that you care about their progress and this can increase their loyalty to you.

They are further needed because they help to grab the techniques and terms that they provide which further help to get a smooth running of the career.

Online consultation of training and mentoring:

Technology has improved to a quite large extent. Life of people is also becoming very fast. Due to a shortage of time most often people go for online courses now a day. These online training courses are cost-effective and save a lot of time. It is furthermore easy as it is accessible from anywhere anytime. Further in online consultation for training and mentoring one gets more time to learn and clear doubts.

Why online consultation?

Online is the best source in today’s fast-changing world. Life has become very fast and easy. Now everything has reached technologically wide and in hand. Another aspect that needs mention is that people now a day do lack the time and scope to commute from one place to another. But if they get everything in hand online it becomes all easy. COVID-19 was a blessing. Due to this worldwide COVID everything came to a halt and stand still. As a consequence of this nothing can be stopped. Education, office, doctors, and such like that everything cannot be stopped simply. So as a result of these the entire world decided to start online services. Online services do provide a much better way out than offline. They are much easier to commute. Further, they are cost-effective and time friendly. They also keep all the documents safe and secure as privacy is highly maintained. Online consultation helps to reach a large number of people far and near.

Online consultation using various apps:

After COVID various online platform has come into existence. Many online applications do provide various training and mentoring facilities. They do help students and youngsters to learn various skills and give them more information and knowledge about career paths. These apps are further useable as they can be used from anywhere, anytime. They are also safe and secure to use as they keep the privacy of all documents.

Selfeey as an App:

Selfeey is one such online platform where you get an all-in-one facility. From the website, it has slowly transformed itself into an app where you can get the best one-to-one conversation facility with a well-known consultant. You can build up your career by learning various skills and arbitraries. Further Selfeey has developed various other features which make the app so popular. It gives a short video consultation within a very-very stipulated period. Moreover, anyone can book any slot at their convenience. Documents are kept in absolute privacy.

Why should clients join us?

Selfeey proved itself to be the best online consultation app. Because it is a short video consultation platform users are very much attracted to join. Further, it is cost-friendly and direct payment takes place. As it is a short video consultation platform anyone can join and book slots at their convenience. The payment process is direct without any middleman service. You can sign-up and register for free and can use it from anywhere, anytime.

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