Transform nails with the nail builder gel

Transform nails with the nail builder gel
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17 November 2023

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and self-care nails are also trending as a beauty statement. 

For people with small nails, nail builder gel is a revolutionary product for pleasing nails. Ideally, builder gel is a type of nail polish that strengthens them, beautifies them, and helps to grow them perfectly. It has a thinner consistency that can keep nails stronger. But it is different from regular gel polishes. 

Unlike traditional acrylic or hard gel, nail builder gel is a lightweight yet durable solution. It is specially formulated with a flexible gel to extend and reinforce natural nails. It acts as a protective layer and prevents your nails from cracking or breaking. You can enjoy ever-lasting springy nails.

The versatility of gel design is another reason for its popularity. Technicians easily mold and shape the gel to achieve various styles and meetings. It has self-leveling properties that ensure a smooth foundation layer. 

Quest the hunger for beauty products this time with Doll House. It is a renowned brand in the world of the cosmetic industry for creating vegan and clean formulation products. The company has an experienced team that works with world-renowned physicians, microbiologists, and renowned chemists to make the most formulating products. Using the best brand ensures your builder gel lasts longer.

At our store, nail builder gel comes in a jar in nine different colors. It is specially formulated for less flooding into cuticles and side walls. If your nails are weak and bendy, this product does wonders. Our gel is most flexible which means it will flex and bend more than other base coats. Its use is quite easy. You will get optimal results if you follow the instructions carefully,

  • Clean and file the nails before using
  • Wipe the nails with a lint-free pad using nail cleanser or acetone.
  • Use base coat or primer 
  • Apply the builder gel
  • Cure under the LED/UV lamp. 
  • Apply a second coat. Cure again for 3-5 minutes
  • Clean the nail with lint-free wipes.
  • File the nail
  • Apply color or top coat.
  • Finishing touch. Here you go.

We work on recyclable eco-friendly packaging and sustainable products to deliver products in a good way. Shop today.


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