Travel Bass Guitar - Perfect Guitar For Beginners And Travelers

Travel Bass Guitar - Perfect Guitar For Beginners And Travelers
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15 November 2022

The travel bass guitar is one of the most crucial instruments in any Rock'n'Roll band. Paul McCartney from The Beatles, Sting, and Flea from the red-hot chili peppers all prefer to play these four-string guitars. The utilization of bass lines and the powerful tones produced by this huge guitar help move the music along.

Even the physical vibrations from the travel bass guitar at a rock performance add to the entire experience! So how do you get started playing bass guitar?

How are the notes and strings set up? Can you use it to play chords like a guitar?

The lowest pitched instrument in the guitar family is the bass guitar, which should not be confused with the double bass used in orchestras. The bass guitar is built very similarly to an electric guitar, but it has a considerably longer and heavier scale. Because the travel bass guitar contains pickups, it can be connected to an electric amplifier for use in shows. Since the 1950s, the bass guitar's popularity has surged and it is now an essential component of many bands.

Types of travel guitar strings for bass 

  • Contrary to the regular acoustic or electric bass guitar, which has six strings, the bass guitar typically has four thick strings. Although there are basses with six strings, four are the most common. 
  • The four strings are an octave lower in pitch than a guitar's lowest four strings (EADG), yet they are tuned very similarly (EADG). The four-string bass guitar is designed to mimic the double bass's sound. 
  • You may also encounter an acoustic bass, which is similar to a guitar. There is a sizable hollow body and a hole that allows sound-producing vibrations to escape. 
  • If a hole has an F-shaped shape, it may be referred to as a "f-hole."

Electric bass guitar 

The most often used instrument is the electric bass. It normally has four strings and a sturdy body. You must connect your electric bass to your bass amp in order to hear it. Bass amplifiers serve as powered speakers that boost the volume of your instrument.

Electric acoustics 

Similar to the acoustic bass, this bass is amplified for better acoustics in larger settings. 


This bass is hollow in some places, almost like a violin-shaped instrument. 

Can you play chords on a travel bass guitar? 

The guitar is renowned for its wide variety of chords and strumming styles. Yes, you can play chords on a travel bass guitar, but they are less frequently employed than on a guitar. Typically, bass lines on bass guitars are played by picking them with your fingers. On the other hand, you can use any standard guitar chord on the bass guitar! Any guitar chord may be built exactly the same way on the bass guitar by studying the finger placements on the EADG strings. Understanding bass chords will enable you to identify bass lines on which to improvise during a solo or accompaniment.

Benefits of travel guitar and box

Superb craftsmanship

  • The finest quality standards and the traditional Italian violin building process were used to create the Travel Bass, which is built entirely of cedar, ovangkol, and maple wood.
  • Travel Bass's hollow acoustic chamber's inner thicknesses are expertly crafted by the best Italian luthiers, giving it a true acoustic sound that is full of harmonics and sustain.

Real audio

  • Its forms provide the same playing sensations as a traditional double bass, and its unique mounting method enables Travel Bass to be set up in just five minutes. 
  • The Travel Bass is made to be totally demountable and securely stowed inside its Travel Bass Box flight container, making it a practical, durable, and nimble instrument.

Excellent design

  • Travel Bass Box is the ideal ally for foreign musicians because it can be stored in the overhead compartment of an aeroplane, allowing you to bring it with you as hand luggage and enjoy the ride like everyone else. 
  • The double bass has been a mainstay of performance halls and classical music all around the world for centuries. However, bass musicians could play new instruments by the middle of the 20th century.
  • To make the bass a more portable instrument, designers reduced and flipped it. This variation, commonly referred to as the electric bass guitar, was introduced into hitherto unexplored genres including pop, hip-hop, jazz, rock, R&B, and even more established ones like classical music.

The best bassists are sometimes overlooked, but they are still the unsung heroes of rhythm.

No matter where you're going or how you're getting there, the travel bass guitar and box will be there for you.

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