Travel with Family and Kids in Paramaribo

Are you looking for things you do with your kids and family members in Paramaribo? These are the top things you must not miss during a trip with toddlers, children or infants. Find the best destinations for children in Paramaribo such as theme parks, water parks, or play areas. Kids will have fun and learn something new as well as eat delicious food and won't be bored by long lines. Read on to find out about amazing places and things for your children to take part in at Paramaribo.

Plan a fantastic family vacation within the budget you're seeking without sacrificing the excitement!

Explore the incredible attractions of Paramaribo and make your trip worthwhile. Also, book flights with the Lowest Flight Fares to avail of impressive deals. There are several places to discover here and learn more about this place. So take flights from New York to Paramaribo, and make sure to spend ample time strolling the place.

Paramaribo Zoo

This charming, small park is the perfect blend of park and zoo. If you believe that the Zoo is just for children it will be changed following a visit to Paramaribo Zoo. While it's small, it's home to numerous animals all in one place. The primary animal that draws guests is the jaguar. Alongside it, the snakes, apes wild monkeys, as well as tropical birds, make this zoo their home. There's also a playground as well as a tiny children's farm located on the grounds. The children will be entertained for a long period of time. Numerous tropical plants and bright flowers decorate this zoo. They keep your mind fresh. If you're traveling with children, make sure you go to this zoo in Paramaribo for an hour or so.


Have you ever seen a palm tree in a forest? For this to be seen, you need to visit the Palmentuin. It is a beautiful garden with royal palm trees that was opened to the public people in 2002. It's the perfect spot to enjoy your time strolling around leisurely and delight in watching the various exotic birds and a group of monkeys in the garden. Every festival, like the Holi Pagwa festival the park hosts a multitude of food stands, clothing stalls, and more. The gallery is located in the palace of the former president of Suriname with a collection of photos from the early century events in the park of the famous Palmentium.

Suriname City Mosque

A mosque, Suriname City Mosque is an absolute must-see if there's a chance to visit Paramaribo. It is a very vibrant mosque and visitors from all kinds of backgrounds are welcome in this place. The mosque is a massive and stunning prayer hall with four towers that are slim and was built in 1929. Since its beginning, the mosque has become extremely well-known ever since the legend of Muhammad Ali visited. The mosque is situated next to the Synagogue This famous mosque is a blessing to its Muslim community. If you are in the area of this mosque, it will be a source of fascination for your family. Paramaribo is an interesting city and this is a prime place of worship, which is awe-inspiring and most enjoyable in the morning.

Oxygen Resort

Oxygen Resort Located in Paramaribo, Suriname has situated a little away from the city. It's an ideal spot to get away from the hustle and noise that is in the urban area and enjoy an enjoyable time. There are a variety of choices when selecting rooms. You are able to choose according to your budget. Comfortable and cozy rooms with free WiFi and clean facilities are ideal for couples and families. There are two pools and a fitness center that are maintained well. You should consider staying here if are looking to spend time with your loved family members.

Fort Zeelandia

The forest is surrounded by huge Mahogany trees, which lie on the shores of the Suriname river, and lies the gorgeously renovated Fort Zeelandia in Paramaribo. The beautiful red-bricked home is a reminder of the history of the trading colony that was located in Paramaribo. The fort in the shape of a star with an open courtyard is accessible to visitors during daylight hours. It is also home to the Suriname museum as well as a café for guests. Learn more about the story of Paramaribo and take in the breathtaking panorama of the Suriname river during your visit to this fort.

Browns Berg

Brownsberg Nature Park located in Paramaribo is a beautiful natural reserve that includes the tropical forest of Brownsberg mountain. It is renowned for its abundant birdlife which includes trumpeters, toucans woodpeckers, parrots, and toucans and mammals such as howler monkeys, jaguars, and armadillos. the park is truly an ideal spot for wildlife and nature lovers. A stunning waterfall that is located at the center of the forest is something to behold! It is possible to avail of an organized tour of this forest or just drive around in your own vehicle. A trip to this forest is certainly worth a day's journey!

Surinaams Museum

Surinaams Museum in Paramaribo is located inside the fort of the 17th century. Zeelandia Fort transports visitors back to the time when the British, as well as the Dutch, first came here. This museum which was established in the year 1947, has become an ideal location for those who love history. It is a great place to start understanding the roots of the nation and its people, traditions, and culture. There are many historic objects including furniture, photos as well as art and textiles here. The reconstruction of a prison cell and a shop for cobblers add to the excitement. You should consider visiting the museum If you live located in the area since it shouldn't take longer than one hour.

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