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Ty Ellis, also known as Deadlox or DeadloxMC, is an American YouTube gaming celebrity. Ty Ellis mainly uploads Minecraft-related videos to his YouTube channel.

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Early Childhood and Childhood

Ty Ellis, a 26-year old actor. He was born in Arizona, United States of America on April 17, 1995. Tyler 'Ty' Warren Ellis is his first name, and his birthplace was under the sign of Aries. Monika is his mother's maiden name, while Tony Ellis is his father. Munick is his older brother is his sole sibling. He also has a bull named Paddy.

He was raised in a tiny home when he was just five years old. After that, his family moved to a more secure area. He was humiliated in school as a teenager and did not go to school often. He was a year ahead of his peers after completing the kindergarten. Asus was a close friend from his childhood and kept in touch with him throughout his life. He was welcomed into the world of video games by his friend Asus. They played for two hours a day.

He had a difficult time in high school both academically as well as socially. He was unable to finish high school and was dependent on a summer school in order to complete his studies. When he reached the age of 14, his parents split. He spent a lot more time with his father following that. However, he has not provided the names of his education institutions. In terms of Ellis' ethnicity, Ellis is an American citizen.

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When it comes to Ty Ellis's private life, he left the realm of social media for the immersive world of games. He used to spend his time playing video games with his friends. In 2008, he joined YouTube and began to watch Runescape videos. He later created a channel dedicated to the game. At that time he met Sky for the first time. They became partners and began creating Runescape videos together.

Sky demanded that he create his own channel, which was named DeadloxMC. He dropped out of school his freshman year to take a full-time job on YouTube. He began streaming videos and became the owner of DeadloxMC. The channel had a low subscriber rate at first. As time passed and he increased his subscriber base through the creation of engaging videos.

Things began to get more interesting when he started posting videos, skits and humorous videos on YouTube. He occasionally refers to his subscribers as the 'Dead Army. After YouTube removed some of his posts, he started posting material on "DeadloxMC. MINECRAFT SERVERS He has taken much of his viral material from his gaming channel and has worked with a company to publish content on 'DeadloxMC.'

Then, he launched his YouTube channel Lox on February 18, 2013. The channel is mostly dedicated to the game Minecraft. He also started to share joke images, video blogs as well as skits and videos about Minecraft. However he has removed the previous material and the channel's first video is titled "GETTING MORE THAN 6 MILLION TRICK points in Fortnite!" and was uploaded on September 20, 2018.

Similarly, he formed the 'Team Crafted' party made up of Minecraft players. The group's name was changed to Vision Squad. "How To win every Fortnite Game Chapter 2 ..."" is one of his most-viewed videos. It was released on the 18th of October 2019 and has been watched nearly 632,427 times. "Shadical Said **** in Fortnite ..," "Mrtop5's Fortnite Girlfriend Said ****," "Mrtop5 Said **** In Fortnite ..," "Saying **** For the First Time In Fortnite ..," and "I Face Revealed Mrtop5" are just a few of the other popular videos on his website. Thousands of people have seen these videos.

He also established Deadlox as a YouTube channel on November 11 on the 11th of November, 2016. The channel is used to upload family-friendly Minecraft and Roblox game videos.

In terms of Ty Ellis' earnings, Ty Ellis is an extremely well-known Youtube gamer who has amassed an impressive sum of money through his films. Social media is his main source of revenue. On his YouTube page, he has more than 188 videos, which has an overall total of over 4.9 million views. He also makes 10 videos every month. In April 2020, he had made $27,000 from Youtube posts. Furthermore, online outlets measure his net worth as between $1 million and $5 million.

Is Ty Ellis married already?

Ty Ellis was in a relationship with an individual at the time of his passing. He began dating Jocelyn in the first half of 2013. The couple welcomed their first child together in 2016 and it was a girl. They appear to have split and are now single. His relationship status is not revealed. He uploaded a video titled "My Ex-Girlfriend Discovered My YouTube Channel.. (Fortnite)" on June 4, 2019.

There aren't many rumors about his personal or professional life. He has often avoided provocative actions and maintains an image of peace in the public eye.

Ty Ellis is a young man with dark brown eyes and a nice look. His hair is brown in colour. There isn't much information about his height, weight or body stats.Ty Ellis is a popular figure on a variety of social networks, including Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Twitch and YouTube.

His Instagram domain, however it has been shut down. The Twitter account @Deadlox has nearly 389k followers. Also, he has a Youtube channel that has 327k subscribers.

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