Typical Signs of Acid Reflux

Typical Signs of Acid Reflux
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15 December 2022

The most typical acid reflux symptom is heartburn. A pyrosis, or burning sensation, may occur in your neck or chest. Indigestion tablets can help you get rid of heartburn.

Another typical symptom is chest pain. Your chest may feel tight or under strain from this pain. When you lie down or stoop over, it could get worse.

One sign that the muscles in your esophagus are weak is difficulty swallowing. You can feel as though you are choking or that food is stuck in your throat.

The common sign of acid reflux is hiccups. Hiccups could last for a short while or a while.

Hoarseness is a sign that your vocal cords may become irritated by stomach acid. You can sound hoarse or if you have a raspy voice.

If stomach acid rises into your throat, one symptom that could happen is a regurgitation of food or sour fluids. In the back of your throat, you might taste food or sour fluids.

If food or stomach acid rises into your throat, one of the symptoms that could happen is a lump in the throat. You can have throat tightness or a lump in your throat.


It's time to see a doctor if you experience any of these signs or symptoms. You can manage your acid reflux in the interim by doing things like taking acid reflux tablets. You can also experiment with some natural cures, such as ingesting a teaspoon of yogurt and honey every hour or so.

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