Ultimate Guide to Google Play and Steam Wallet Cards in India

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You have a wide range of options when buying a gift for a gamer in your life. One alternative is a digital gift card if you and your partner both use Steam. The function of adding money to their Steam Wallet is helpful.

Alternatively, the biggest app store in the world, Google Play offers a music subscription service, a bookshop, and a movie store. This makes Google Play gift cards in India a fantastic present, but it isn't the only thing you can do with them. Google Play gift cards can be the only method for your munchkins to buy material without having access to your credit card via Family Library as Google blocks underage user accounts from Google Play.

In this article, we provide you the ultimate guide to google play and steam wallet gift cards in India. Let’s start with steam wallet gift cards.

Are you familiar with steam?

Both answers are possible: yes or no. There is none else. As you are here, it is obvious that you are a player seeking for details about wallet codes or gift cards for Steam. Via its exclusive online shop, Steam offers several outstanding titles. While you can purchase games directly, it also offers a variety of gift cards that can be purchased to use game credits or give to friends. It might be an excellent present for a birthday, Christmas, or other event.

Steam wallet cards in India are now available for purchase. They are available at several physical and online retailers, and you can purchase them with a debit or credit card. Lacking a card? Not to worry. Moreover, there are alternative methods to pay for them. Read on to learn more.

Therefore, let's first define a gift card or wallet code. If you are making an online purchase, it works similarly to a regular code you could see on a discount coupon or voucher and is sent to you by email. The steam gift code can be redeemed for software, wallet credits, games, etc. If you were to purchase one for yourself, you can call it a wallet code. However purchasing for a friend would be considered purchasing a gift card. You can use the card's activation code to add an equivalent amount to your digital Steam wallet. After that, you can use the balance to purchase anything on Steam.

How to use a gift card for Google Play


  • Launch the Google Play Store app that is already installed on your phone or the Google Play website on a computer.
  • At the upper right corner of the screen, tap your profile image.
  • Click on Subscriptions & payments.
  • To redeem a gift voucher, tap.

If you have a physical gift card, you can use the Scan gift card feature to avoid manually entering the code and instead take a picture of the disclosed code.

Click Redeem.

To verify the account you wish to use to redeem the gift card, tap Confirm.

To leave the redemption menu, choose Not now.

The gift card can be used to purchase apps, games, movies, TV series, and books after it has been redeemed. Recall that the Google Play Store is distinct from the Google Store in that Google Play gift cards cannot be used to buy tangible goods there.

That may sound strange, but Google Play is essentially the only merchant from whom you cannot purchase Google Play gift cards. Don't worry, Google Play still offers gift cards on its website and app. Finding where to purchase Google Play gift cards is easier than you'd expect, whether you live in India, or somewhere else in the globe. There are hundreds of merchants who offer Google Play gift cards.


Hope this article will give you a better knowledge about google play and steam wallet cards in India. If you want to give your friend a nice present then Google play and steam wallet codes are best. Explore your purchase today.

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