Understand how the treatment at an orthodontist works.

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01 December 2022

Orthodontists are one level advanced compared to dentists, who are trained to detect, prevent, and resolve the issues related to bites and jaw structure alignment. They can also perform the functions any dentist does but mainly deal with irregularities in jaw structure or abnormal teeth alignments. With the help of treatments like bracing, aligners, retainers, and bandings, orthodontists Burgaw bring the teeth into regular positions.

Orthodontists are trained more educationally and practically, where the focus is on detecting and repairing jaw issues and improving bites.

How does the treatment procedure work at orthodontists?
The personnel has a specialized degree for detecting the issues early and preventing them from growing. They are also trained to keep the problems in check and repair them enough to bring them back to normalcy. Their treatments begin with an examination of the jaw at the first consultation session.

1. Detect the problem:
Once you visit the office of any orthodontist in Burgaw, the first thing they do is examination of your jaw and dental structure to diagnose the exact issue. They will look for the possibilities, such as biting issues like an overbite or underbite, crowded teeth, too many gaps in teeth, crooked teeth, or jaw misalignment.

2. Analysis:
Once the underlying issue is detected, the orthodontist analyses the level of damage already done and explains further steps that might need to be taken. If the issue has just started, the professional works at preventing it and then resolving it at the initial stage only. But if it has developed deeply, the focus is on repairing the problem.

3. Solutions:
Once the analysis is complete, the orthodontist explains it to the patient in detail. For misalignment and biting problems, braces or Invisalign are suggested. They bring the teeth back to standard structure and improve the smile. Orthodontists are duty to offer the better suitable option.

4. Treatment:
The treatment begins with a professional cleaning to prepare the mouth for fixing the braces or putting the Invisalign trays over. When fitting the braces, they guide the patient in detail about the care that must be taken at home and how to keep the trays clean. They also inform the patient about the progress check and tightening of braces or shifting to the new tray.
5. Final retaining stage:
Once the process is complete and all teeth are aligned, the professional provides the retainers to wear for some time to make the bones used for the final aligned dental structure.

Concluding note:
The main focus of an orthodontist is to get the misaligned teeth right in the line to improve the smile and biting issues and to provide that, experts at Phillips Orthodontists are working tirelessly.

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