Visual Studio Code 1.40: Revised Activity Bar Indicator, bug fixes and new Themes

Alex Alex 08 November 2019
Visual Studio Code 1.40: Revised Activity Bar Indicator, bug fixes and new Themes

With Visual Studio Code 1.40 introduces Microsoft added some new Features and customizations to the source Editor. In addition to several bug fixes, an inventory of the various Issues, this Time however, particularly in the focus.

The monthly Update of the Visual Studio Code was published. With the now published in 1.40 Version, there is, in addition to various new features and fixed Bugs is also a detailed Overview closed-end, fixed and opened Issues in all of the VS Code Repositories. The data are also a result of the annual clean-up action of all GitHub Repositories from Visual Studio Code. The aim is to ensure better Overview and transparency, which is why the open Issues and edited to be categorized. In the process, 4622 Issues and 287 of the Pull Requests have been closed

Visual Studio Code 1.40 – this is new

In the new Version, the Activity has received a Bar to a Revision. For improved readability, the developers decided to use a new indicator for the active Element in the Activity Bar. Managed the indicator can be used with the Token activity.Bar.activity border. Also new are two Theme Colours for the frame of the VS Code window have been implemented. While border can be used for the active window, apply window.inactive border for inactive. In the case of only a selected color is applied to both Windows.

In the Workbench area were also new Type Filter for Outlines and Breadcumbs available. With them, the icons displayed can be configured in the Navigation. To make the display of shared editors, clear and functional, can be used with workbench.editor.split sizing the Layout of individual editors to be adjusted without affecting the other:

there is Already available a first Version of the not-yet-completed function, VS Code for test to let purposes run in the Browser. The Feature is still being developed.

All the information about the 1.40 Version of the Visual Studio Code are on the official Blog available.


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