WalkingPad A1 Pro Reviews

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WalkingPad A1 Pro Reviews

WalkingPad A1 Pro Reviews

Exercise Fitness is often a catchphrase for almost every office worker, but the practice is not easy, one is mostly busy at work, maybe coming home late, physically and mentally exhausted; Second, there is no suitable way to exercise, outdoor running and afraid of unsafe, gym is far and expensive, so we all hope to have a suitable home exercise equipment, so that we can exercise at home every day, and the Threshold and the cost are relatively low. What sort of equipment is therefore appropriate for home exercise?

In fact, running machine is a good choice and more space-saving, not like treadmills, easy to become a "clothes rack", why not?

Appearance: Easy folding, more space-saving

Recently, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise launched a new walking machine, WalkingPad A1 Pro, which not only improves the brushless motor, but also achieves speed control with foot detection, walks more smoothly, and brings you a safer sports experience. We will make you learn about this product. First, let's look at the looks. The WalkingPad A1 Pro is still folded in half, which saves space and is more suitable for small or rented apartments.

It uses a new visual design style, the whole body adopts a calm black color scheme, the overall style is calmer and more dignified. On the core component, the A1 Pro is equipped with a brand new brushless motor, which can more effectively suppress the noise during movement, and greatly improved the load-bearing capacity of the treadmill, which can bear up to 100kg and has passed the endurance test and the durability and stability have been improved.

The thickness of the walking machine is only 12.9cm, even after folding it in half, it doesn't seem very heavy. We can put it under the sofa or table when not in use, and it will not affect the space and layout of the house.

The WalkingPad A1 Pro weighs around 28 kg. Girls may worry about the inconvenience of movement. In fact, there are two moving rollers in front of the running machine. After you fold the treadmill in half, you can easily move the treadmill by slightly lifting the rear end of the treadmill. It does not require much effort for daily storage.

The following image shows the WalkingPad A1 Pro half-opened. We only have to open the rollator horizontally by 180°. One person can easily complete the entire process, which puts very little strain on the "single dog."

After the above process, we can turn on the power and start practicing for beginners, isn't it very convenient?

The size of the A1 Pro is 1432 × 547 × 129mm, and the height of the running platform is only 57mm, which is closer to the ground. At the same time, the thin motion platform greatly compresses the space with the ground, further reducing motion noise.

When folded, we can see that there are rubber foot pads at the bottom of the walking machine, and there are eight foot pads under the entire fuselage, which is enough to ensure that the walking machine is smooth and quiet.

Usage Experience: Two movement modes for intelligent connection

Many novice walkers may pay attention to the foot feel of the walker, and to further improve the foot feel of the A1 Pro, the walker lowers the platform height to 57mm from the ground without being unstable due to its center of gravity. AI Pro is also equipped with wear-resistant and non-slip strips, of course, strips also have a lot of knowledge, such as to ensure the overall smooth walking process.

In sport mode, A1 Pro supports M-gear and A-gear selectable, in which you can set stepper start, acceleration, deceleration, stop and mode change by remote control in M-gear manual mode; The speed of the stepper is automatically adjusted according to the change in our steps. The speed of the stepper is automatically changed between 0.5 km/h and 6 km/h to meet our demands for the intensity of the movement. The speed of the stepper will be changed automatically between 0.5km/h and 6km/h, and the speed of the stepper will be changed automatically according to the change in our steps. Of course, A-Gear requires some user control, so children under 14 are not recommended to try it. If you are concerned that your child may use it privately, you can also turn on the baby walker's child safety lock.

During movement, real-time walking speed, steps and movement time can be displayed via the LED panel on the front end of the A1 Pro hull. In addition, the LED lamp group is integrated into the panel, which is clearly visible during the day and night, and can be seen only by tilting the head during movement, without affecting the state of movement.

A1 Pro can connect to MiJia APP since it is a component of the Xiaomi eco-chain.

We can not only view the data and history of our own movement in MiJia APP, but also control the mode of the running machine in MiJia APP, and set the starting speed, maximum speed and no offset correction of the running machine so that we can use it easier.

For a safer exercise experience, the WalkingPad A1 Pro is also equipped with safety handrails, which also have soft foam attached for a more comfortable grip. In addition, the optional armrest also supports two-stage angle adjustment, which can be easily adjusted by gently pushing or pulling, and can be folded flat when not used in normal times, further saving interior space.

The A1 Pro's motion noise level is around 53 decibels and isn't very annoying, let alone disturbing a downstairs neighbor when used on a carpet.


For modern people, a moderate amount of exercise is essential every day, and a more comfortable way of exercise is everyone's pursuit, and a running machine can be said to be a very suitable choice of home exercise because it does not take up much space indoors, and the Exercise is very simple, will not add extra burden to the fast-paced life. The WalkingPad A1 Pro Walking Machine we experience is also a highly recommended product, which is not only smooth and safe to exercise, but also interacts with Mijia APP and Smart TVs to bring you more relaxation, exercise and entertainment in your free time to offer.

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