Ways to Fix the HP Laptop Battery Not Charging Issue

Ways to Fix the HP Laptop Battery Not Charging Issue

Living without gadgets like smartphones and laptops has become very impossible. Today most people own smart devices to manage their personal and professional life. In this digital world, laptops have become crucial devices. You need laptops to perform various jobs. But if the laptop is showing battery issues, it needs to get repaired immediately. Without a battery, you can’t do anything on your laptop. Whenever the battery is low, you immediately connect a power cord and charge your device. But what if the laptop stops charging? Once the battery is dead, you can’t open your laptop. Your HP laptop can show battery issues due to various reasons.

Common reasons behind HP laptop battery not charging issues

Power cord issues

The main reason behind HP laptop battery charging issues can be the power cord. If the battery plugged in not charging hp then immediately check the power cord. The laptop is a mobile device as you can easily carry it from place to place. While carrying the laptop, we pack it carefully to prevent any kind of mishandling. Along with the laptop, we also carry the charger. But we often forget to take care of the charger. We just put it anywhere in the back that might damage it. Most people just bent it immediately and put it in the bag. Due to this, the cord often gets damaged or kinked. Pets can also damage the charger or any cord. If your HP laptop is not charging then check the charger for any kinks or damage.

Poor battery health 

Like any gadget, your laptop battery also has a smooth working phase. Once the battery passes the smooth working phase, it starts showing charging or early drainage issues. You may see this type of issue on old laptops. If the battery of your laptop is in poor condition then you may face issues like early battery drainage, overheating while charging, taking more time to fully charge, etc. 

Software malfunction

Your laptop can show battery issues due to software malfunction. New laptops barely face these issues but still, there are possibilities where the laptop can show charging issues due to software. An outdated OS or any invalid changes on device settings can lead to this problem. Sometimes PC drives can also cause charging issues.

Troubleshooting HP laptop not charging issues

Ensure that you have correctly plugged in 

This thing can be stupid but many times, users forget to plug in the laptop charger correctly. Along with the USB port, you need to check the switch. Ensure that you have opened the button on the switchboard. You should also check whether the switchboard is working or not. Connect another device to the switch and whether there is electricity or not.

Inspect the USB port

With changes in technology, you can see many upgrades in laptops. Some new laptops have charging ports similar to the charging port. Due to this, users sometimes get confused about using the wrong port. If the laptop is not charging then check the port. Use the correct port for charging your laptop. 

Eject the battery

Your laptop can show charging-related issues when the battery is not installed correctly. To fix this problem, you should try reinstalling the battery in your laptop. But ensure that your device has a removable battery. Take your laptop and remove the battery carefully. Clean the battery and case to remove any dust. Now connect the power cord and check whether the laptop is turning on or not. If the laptop is working that means the charging issues are appearing due to the battery. Check the battery pins for any damage and then reinstall the battery to the laptop. If the battery is still showing charging issues then you need to replace it. You should use an original battery and some HP laptop models do not support compatible batteries. Install a new battery and now your laptop won’t show charging issues. 

Inspect the power cord

You need to check your power cord for any damage. The laptop won’t charge if the power cord is damaged. The cord can be damaged due to bends. Pets like cats often cut the power cord. If the laptop is not changing then remove the power cord and check the cable and then pin for any damage. If the cord has any kinks then you need to replace it. Purchase a new cord and now you can easily charge your laptop.

Update the drivers

Any small change on the laptop can get you into lots of issues. If the HP laptop is not charging then you should check for the updates. Updating the drivers can help in fixing charging issues. Go to the Start menu and open the Quick Access menu. Choose Device Manager and go to batteries. Click on the drop-down menu and right-click on Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery. Hit on the Update driver on the new selection window. You may get a wizard asking for How do you want to search for drivers? Choose any option and wait for completing the update process. After updating, you can easily reboot your laptop and check for changing issues. 

Shut down the laptop for a while

Your laptop can show charging issues when it gets overheated. This problem does not appear in new devices. However, if you have an old device with a poor cooling system then it might get overheated. Due to this, the sensor misfires the commands, and the device can show charging issues. If your device is overheated then shut it down for a while. Wait until the laptop cools down and then try to charge your laptop. 

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