Ways to Increase Instagram Likes and Followers

Ways to Increase Instagram Likes and Followers
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North Carolina State University has prepared the report of the most liked photos on Instagram! We compiled the report for our readers!

The social media platform Instagram is now used by almost everyone. The application, which updates itself day by day, manages to increase the number of users rapidly day by day. Instagram users immediately follow the interactions that come after sharing a post. They are happy in return for the desired likes. But if the interaction gets less likes than expected, they are disappointed.

North Carolina State University conducted a study based on this problem. In the research, he tested and ranked when the content shared received more engagement. We have compiled this research for our readers, let's take a look at it together...

Features of the most liked posts on Instagram

Color Matching: In a crowded or complex post, it is not clear which subject will be considered the focal point. That's why people don't know what to like! A photo with a low contrast and a simpler one gets more likes.

Brightness: Brightness highlights what the photo is. Any sharing in bold causes us to understand what the content is. That's why he gets posts that have a bright color to interact with.

Number of Objects: The sheer number of objects in the shared post creates a mess. Clutter prevents us from focusing on which object. The fact that the main object is in the foreground and being alone only draws attention to it. Users know what to like! Therefore, we can achieve more likes by highlighting the object that will be the focal point.

Edge Density: In the photo, the edges are calmer and unobtrusive, revealing the main object. The light intensity at the edge is one click less than the image, allowing us to see the actual object from a wider angle.

Object Irregularity: Images shared on the same subject over and over again bore users and therefore cannot be liked. However, different and compatible posts attract more attention.

Asymmetry: Photo size and width should be in a certain ratio. An unsightly asymmetrical photo ratio or an irregularly asymmetrical focus within the post can look bad from an aesthetic point of view. For example, the horizon line is not straight…

Thanks to the above items, you can now create more regular and aesthetic posts on Instagram and get more likes. The people who conducted the research stated that there would be a 3% increase in likes within the full implementation of the described items.

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Do you, our readers, comply with the articles in the report published by North Carolina State University? Or do you have your own methods to get likes on Instagram? What are your thoughts on this subject, do not forget to share with us by commenting!!!

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