We have everything we Know about Axolotls In Minecraft

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Minecraft axolotl: where they appear and how to breed them, and much more.

How do you spawn? - How to can you control them? How do you breed them - Colours/blue Axolotl – What do they eat? - Combat

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Have questions about the new Minecraft axolotl Mb? The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update, part one, added the new amphibious creature (opens in a new window). The new biomes won't be available until later this year , in part two there's plenty to know about the axolotl meantime.

The Minecraft Axolotl mob is one of the animals that will be added in the 1.17 update, though you should be wary of goats, which will try to eject you off their mountainside homes (opens in new tab). Axolotls are a lot more friendly than other animals So why not join forces with these adorable creatures? Exactly. We have all the information we require about the Minecraft axolotl. This includes where they can be found and how to control them.

How to spawn

Minecraft axolotl spawn location

Lush Caves was the original cave biome that Axolotls were supposed to spawn in. But , since the new biomes don't appear in Minecraft until the end of the year, where can we find these fun fish?

Axolotls have been spawning in any underground water source provided it is completely dark and below sea level (y63). I'll update this guide once the new biomes become available in update 1.18 to reflect any future changes to spawning, but this is how you can find axolotls in the meantime.

How do you tame

How do I control an axolotl in Minecraft

While they're not able to be controlled technically, axelotls don't pose a threat to players and can be sucked into a bucket easily. You can then take them with you, or put them back in the pond or lake close to your base.

You can also connect the lead to an axolotl in the event that you don't have a bucket at hand however, it's likely to die when it's dry for more than five minutes but not if it's raining or there's a thunderstorm.

How to breed

How do you breed axolotls in Minecraft

Axolotls can also be bred with buckets of tropical fish. When you have two adult axolotls feed them each with the tropical fish and you will see red hearts signalling that they've entered a love-mode. What a lovely way to celebrate love.

The resulting baby axolotl will be given the colour of its parents in random order. It will take 20 minutes to mature. MINECRAFT-SERVERS.LIVE You can speed up the process by using more tropical fish.

Colours/blue axolotl

Minecraft axolotl colors - How to get the rare blue axolotl

These are the colors available for Minecraft axolotls.

- Lucy (pink) -- Wild (brown)

- Gold

- Cyan


The blue axolotl which is one of the rarest colors, has a 0.083% chance to spawn either naturally or through breeding of adult axolotls other colors. If you have your eyes set on a blue axolotl you'll need patience and more luck than usual.

What they eat

What do axolotls eat?

Axolotls prefer tropical fish, which are usually found in marine biomes. If you want to feed an axolotl, you'll need to feed it a bucket of tropical fish, not one that you've already caught.

Tropical fish are extremely frightened and can be difficult to capture in a bucket. This is why it is crucial to be patient. It's worth checking with the Wandering Trader to find out whether they have an entire bucket of tropical fish for sale.


Are axolotls able to attack other mobs with their axes?

These adorable creatures aren't a threat to players but they will fight sea-borne threats. They'll leave dolphins and turtles to their own devices however they'll attack any other threat.

They also have a sophisticated defense mechanism: If an Axolotl is damaged in the water, it will die and then gain Regeneration. The Regeneration status effect may be transferred to a player for a short period when they kill a mob the which the axolotl was fighting.

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