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Wedding Dj

How Does Your Wedding Videographer Dress? I am constantly amazed at the way many wedding Videographers come dressed for weddings. A true professional will wear all black for most weddings so that he is unobtrusive and so that he is  wedding DJ not mistaken for a guest. He may wear a light tan at a beach wedding, for the same reasons. Another consideration is that your family and guests will be taking photos and a wedding Videographer dressed in loud colors or black and white polka-dots will be quite distracting in these photos.

How is Your Wedding Photographer Being Paid? Most wedding photography plans are structured so that the more photos they have that you want, the more money they make. I've been told more than once that many wedding Videographers consider the wedding videographer as their competition. If the wedding video doesn't come out well, then the photos are the only remembrance products the bride can choose from and the Videographer will sell more photos. However, their thinking goes, if the wedding video comes out great, then the bride may not want to buy more wedding photos.

This is why many wedding Videographers purposely get in front of the video cameras at every opportunity. I know this sounds incredible, but I have footage of photographers aggressively getting in front of video cameras. I have many times seen footage from an unmanned video camera where a photographer is standing to one side, looks over his shoulder to see just where the video camera is, then repositions himself to block its view better!

Most wedding videographers' plans are flat fees that change only if the hours change. But saying that, most professional photographers understand that videographers and photographers are here to do whatever we can to please our clients - the bride and groom, and therefore we extend every courtesy to the photographers.

SUMMARY - What Should You Do? Sit down with several wedding Videographers that you've pre-screened and discuss this article and your feelings about it, with them. Listen closely to what they say and how they say it. It takes training and experience to cover an event like a wedding, and get great shots while being unobtrusive. In short, it takes a 'pro'.


Unfortunately, both the wedding photography and wedding videography fields are full of amateurs, hobbyists, and even experienced people who have been doing things wrong for years. Finding a real 'pro' is not an easy task. You will have to invest some time and effort, but it will pay off tremendously!

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    2 months ago

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