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The recruitment process is always a gamble. A bet on the quality of the person hired and a bet on the future. It is also a considerable investment, of time, of money, because we believe in this person, in his potential and in his contribution to the company.

So when we find a talent, someone good for the wider business, it's always a disappointment to see them go. However, it is not uncommon for the best employees to quit, and when faced with this, the reaction is too often "Anyway, it's not my fault, I couldn't have done anything to keep him".

A generally false statement. Obviously. Because in reality, much can be done to avoid this disastrous consequence. This is upstream work, a questioning that requires awareness: what drives good employees to leave? We asked the question to the candidates by publishing this article via Linkedin, and they seem to agree with these reasons because we had a great success: 16k likes and 800 comments. Here are some answers.

Too much work

Yes, of course, if an employee is hired, it is to work. But when the employee is good at what he does, the superior unfortunately tends to ask him for more, even more, always more. No bad intention in itself, he is simply happy with the quality of his work!

Or not enough

A good employee who slams the door because he does not have enough work? Don't laugh, it happens a lot more often than you think! Admittedly, maybe at the beginning he will find it nice to be paid not too badly for less work, but in the long run, not sure that he will blossom and put his heart into the work. He risks to be severely bored if he is forced to be at the office 35 hours a week, without having anything to work on.

No challenge

Indeed, in the logical continuation of the previous point, not having enough work, or having to perform tasks without real interest, without real added value, risks boring employees. For many, there is nothing worse than stagnation and immobility, because they are not helped to develop their skills, to exceed their limits or to see further.

And a myriad of other reasons. This situation often makes it difficult for company owners when they encounter a big project in front of their eyes. If you are one of them, we will emphasize the importance of relying on staff augmentation services for businessmen like you.

Do you have a big project to work on? Don't you have any ideas to add to your staff? Hesitant to recruit? Now is the time to read this article, who knows after reading you will have an idea or knowledge about how you should get your employees.

This article will discuss staffing services and why they are important. For information, staffing services allow you and other company owners to get the experienced staff that can be tailored to your project and your business goals. The addition of staff minimizes the risk of selecting the wrong staff. Isn't minimal risk the goal of every business person?

The additional staffing service makes it easy for every business owner to choose the right people to support their business. Of course, this service is not without risk, but with the addition of staff, you will be able to cut all the hassle that you have to go through to get qualified people.

Without further ado, here are some of the benefits you can get by using a staff addition service. In general, they symbolize affordability, convenience, and efficiency. Curious? Keep reading!

Experience is paramount

By adding a staff of trained professionals, you can be more confident in setting your short-term and long-term goals. You simply tell them about your project and the goals you want to achieve with it, and they will understand and will have no trouble discussing further with you. They will have no trouble taking all their skills and adapting them to your project and goals. You don't need to explain from the start. They will be able to understand more quickly. With a better understanding, you don't have to spend a lot of time explaining repeatedly from A to Z. Thus, your work efficiency will increase by itself. Now you know the close relationship between experience and efficiency. In many cases, experience is synonymous with saving time. That way you can focus on the bigger picture without having to get caught up in the small details.

Cost savings while maintaining quality

The addition of staff is not intended to find permanent employees. You may only need them for a few months or even a few weeks. Of course, you don't want to spend a lot of your resources selecting temporary workers. You also don't want to over-recruit. What this means is that you only need a few people for a few months but due to your ignorance, you end up hiring them for a year or two instead. With staffing services, you only hire staff for the time period you really need. You don't over-hire and that means you can save on overall costs. Your commitment to temporary workers can be reduced as much as possible. You can also align your policies with the Affordable Care Act which essentially makes it harder to recruit full-time staff. And as a side note, you can better get past the stringent ACA regulations. A professional staffing service can make it easier for you to avoid legal entanglements.

You can choose skills more freely

By using a staffing service you can better target people with the specific skills you really need. You will no longer be stuck with incompetent people as professional staffing services ensure they only channel people with the skills and experience you really need for your project.

You can have a more objective opinion

By hiring short-term people for your projects, you can express a more objective opinion without having to worry about offending, which you may experience when dealing with people you've worked with for a long time. Short-term staff members are also less likely to get involved in office politics that could indirectly harm your company, both in the short and long term.

Shorter interview

You no longer need to do tedious interview sessions. Leave it to your staffing company and they will do it all for you. Some employers don't have the skills necessary to interview and screen a pool of potential employees to pick the best. By leaving most of the process to a staffing company, you can increase time efficiency and minimize errors that may occur.

So have you decided to use a staffing service? Tell us!

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