What Are Facial Recognition And Its Advantages?

What Are Facial Recognition And Its Advantages?
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Security of software is prime concern for every developer. Hence creative minds in this field keep on searching new and safe options that can enhance the safety of software to a desired level. One such option is facial recognition.

Face recognition software is used to scan our faces, mostly in our mobiles, to unlock feature and used as an identity in many places to verify the person’s identity, such as at the airport to represent who you are. This face recognition software comes under biometric software, which identifies and scans your iris (eye) and other facial features. We can also find people in photos or videos by facial recognition software.

How does facial recognition software work?

Firstly, this software detects a face and then analyses it to convert it into the image for transforming data and then finds a friendly match with that concerned person.

The face can be detected by the primary key factors that originated in your face. The face recognition software has a huge database consisting of all the images of people around the world.

This software analyzes the face that calculates like the interface of geometry, the distance between the two eyes, distance from nose to mouth for the exact results of matching a person’s face.

Advantages for the usage of facial recognition software

·         We can find missing children or persons by CCTV systems and capturing them to analyze the missed people.

·         We can identify the criminals and track them to take any action on them. It makes work easier to catch them

·         We can prevent and reduce retail crimes from criminal threats.

·         The simplest way to unlock your mobile (mainly in the iPhone).

·         It helps blind people use their phones that can be simply operated by them and to keep them updated about the situation around them.

·         We identify the people easily and quickly on the social media platforms in the main functioning of tagging the people.

·         We can track the school or college attendance of the students.

·         It is beneficial for secure payments or transactions in the banks.

·         Facial recognition software helps the level of privacy and security of the people.

·         Physical contact can be avoided based on these hazardous days, which may keep your hygiene secure and safe.

Disadvantages of facial recognition software

·         This facial recognition software may lead to fraud cases and other crimes.

·         Innocent people may be punished on behalf of the actual criminals.

·         The Poor image quality of the particular person may affect their life which could be at risk.

·         Other angles of the person’s face rather than face ahead may occur problem in identifying the specific person.

·         People’s privacy may damage, and they feel insecure.

Top facial recognition companies

The top facial-recognition companies are listed as below:

  • AnyVision
  • TrueFace
  • Affectiva
  • Kairos
  • Sensory
  • Slice
  • Verifyoo
  • CheckOnMe

These top facial recognition companies are good at identifying and matching their faces for the extensive database.

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