What are the Features of Oracle?

What are the Features of Oracle?
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Oracle is a database management platform coming from Oracle corporation in the year 1977. It is built in a manner that supports all kinds of data. Also, it is one of the popular relational database platforms in the IT market for organizing, storing, and retrieving data. Oracle products are widely in use in the market. Looking at the widespread use of this database, Oracle Online Training can help you in learning its dynamics. Oracle products are scalable and secure and also give high-performance features.

Features of Oracle Database

Scalability and Performance: You can choose the Oracle version depending on your needs and financial strength. Also with its portability feature, it allows easy upgradation on the basis of your needs. Irrespective of its version, Oracle allows access to databases concurrently.  Adding to its features, you can even divide large data into smaller pools to access from anywhere. You have an access to this data from anywhere on the supporting network. 

Easily Manageable: The Database Administrator manages the Oracle system. Oracle’s infrastructure automates many routine DBA functions. Basically, it is done to use a minimum of disk space, memory, and human resources. Further, this high level of automation enables one administrator to oversee a large group of servers.

Backup and Recovery System: Its recovery feature, recover data from almost all kinds of failures. In case of failure, database recovery can start in no time. While the affected parts are getting recovered you still have an access to the unaffected parts. 

High Availability: When you work with Oracle, It’s available full-time to the users. It supports clustering, integration features, and redundant software/hardware system. With the help of this, you can keep the system open and functional even when failures occur.

Business Intelligence Features: Oracle stores data tables in a compressed format to reduce memory and disk use. Further, this promotes an increase in processing speed. Going on with all the features, Data mining takes place parallelly. Oracle partitions large pools of data into smaller pieces. This increases system performance and data availability. Whereas, it appears seamless to software applications and users.

Security: Securing the data always holds the top priority. It works towards providing mechanisms to control data access and usage. It allows distinct access to the users. With the implementation of authorization and editing user actions can prevent unauthorized access. 


You can access and place an Oracle Database from anywhere in the world. Adding to its benefits, it also allows you to present your data in your preferred language. Now after looking at so many features, you can see Oracle Database is suitable to suffice all your needs. Moreover, it is a powerful solution for database management. Most of the company work on the Oracle database. So, if you are thinking of employment, learning the Oracle database can be fruitful. Moreover, to help you with the learning process Oracle Training Institute in Delhi can help you with all the basic requirements. Also, learning Oracle will help you in multiple ways and will always be a benefit in your career. 

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