What Are the Important Elements of Cali Pre-Roll Packaging?

What Are the Important Elements of Cali Pre-Roll Packaging?
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What is the defining feature of your custom cannabis blunt boxes? How it magnetizes cannabis lovers?

The cannabis dispensaries are bustling with jillions of blunts. Customers are crazy for the hollow cigars stuffed with cannabis. All want to feel and dream high with a single puff. But hold on, everything can go down the drain within seconds. Wondering how? Check this

  • Substandard packaging
  • Typical box style
  • Lack of experimental designs and innovation
  • Oversized and overpriced blunt box
  • Misleading strain information
  • Poor visual presentation (low-quality images)

Therefore if you want to supercharge your customers and spike sales, iCustomBoxes got your back. We have thrilling and out-of-the-box ideas to scale up your business.

Pro tip: set apart your product with custom blunt boxes.

Lastly, keep tabs on the following critical points if you want to close the customer.

Hang On To Diverse Box Styles

Blunts are available in rainbow flavours. You name it from honey to mango to grape, and it is in the market. But it's weird to pack attractive wraps in standard boxes. It destroys the vibe and the customer's interest.

For that reason ahead, we have rounded a mouthwatering list of box styles

Get Your Wraps In A Row With Custom Inserts.

Social media hashtags give a prize-winning look to your brand. For that, quality products and packaging are crucial. Therefore when the PR package lands with the influencer, they unbox and share their reviews. Thus it puts the customers in the driving seat. And they decide your brand's future.

So how do you make blunt boxes wholesale worth purchasing and trending? It is time to spill the beans.

Custom inserts and custom inserts are the answer!

  • Super organized boxes
  • No mess or clutter
  • No scattering of the bud during loading and unloading
  • Smooth delivery from point A to B without any issue
  • Triggers the customers to splash money
  • Highlights the professional attitude of the company
  • The best way of amassing five-star customer reviews

Use Of Powerful Imagery On The Custom Printed Cannabis Blunt Boxes

No matter the box colour, size, or style, the impactful images are a like an arrow that hits the right spot. Do you want your cannabis brand to hit the jackpot? Print eye-catching, engaging, yet authentic images. And achieve your business milestone within the blink of an eye.

Imagine you enter the cannabis store. And you are puzzled with gazillions of boxes. Hence you fail to find your dream box. But here is the catch!

Custom berry delta 8 blunt boxes are good to go. The blunt image printed on the boxes steals the show. Moreover, a tint of colour is the cherry on top. Thus brands can never go wrong with illustrations and relevant graphics. And it helps you acquire an advantageous position with the following perks.

  • It makes your blunt box packaging relatable and creative
  • Boosts mouth of word marketing campaign
  • A cost-effective way to hook the buyers
  • Amplifies the worth of boxes 100time

Use Of Green Packaging Material

Why do brands opt for blunt boxes wholesale? It is a fantastic way to jack up your sales if you are on a shoestring budget. Ordering the maximum number of packages is a stress and tension-free process. The retailers are not worried about stocking boxes for the next delivery. It keeps their business on the go.

Plus, the customers don't have to wait for ages and enjoy timely delivery. It magnifies their shopping experience, thus resulting in an increased popularity graph. Now let us talk about mother nature.

Global warming is creating headlines worldwide. Our people, biodiversity, and planet are at considerable risk. Constant exploitation of resources and unsustainable practices is the main culprit. Therefore it is high time to take a U-turn with iCustomBoxes and put a permanent end to ever-increasing high temperatures.

Boycott The Oversized Boxes

It's a disaster to come across oversized cannabis blunt boxes with logos. It is no less than a joke. On top of that, huge boxes are not worth splurging

Therefore pack the cigars in the right-sized boxes. And enhance the vibe and feel of the product. It is important to note that, at large, it benefits both the customers and the brand.




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