What are the rules of board game monopoly? Detailed game rules

What are the rules of board game monopoly? Detailed game rules
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21 September 2022

Monopoly is a fun board game where you can rent, buy and sell your property. This is quite old entertainment: it's over 100 years old. However, this did not affect the popularity of "Monopoly" in any way. How to play Monopoly?

Types of "monopoly"

There are many varieties of the game designed for different ages ... The most popular ones are described below.


The object of the game is to win the first million faster than the other participants. Includes:

  • dice (2 pieces);
  • chips (12 units);
  • Fortune cards (22 units);
  • property owner cards (22 pcs.);
  • "Life of a Millionaire" cards (14 pcs.);
  • "Chance" cards (14 pcs.);
  • 32 hotels and detailed instructions.

lack of game : Large sums of money are needed to pay the bills.


The essence of "Monopoly" is to buy and sell real estate, increase your capital and not go bankrupt. The game consists of chips, cards, pictures for the participants, a detailed description.

Advantage : The case acts as a playing field.

Disadvantages: Notes are made of thin paper and field inscriptions are printed in small print.

"My first" Monopoly ""

Designed for school age children ... Kit includes:

  • dice (2 pieces);
  • cards (4 units);
  • "Chance" cards (24 pcs.);
  • medals (16 pieces);
  • paper money.

The game lasts until participants run out of funds. The victory goes to the one with the most money .

Game advantages : adaptation for children.

city ​​monopoly

The goal of "Monopoly" is to create a global infrastructure at its own discretion. When purchasing land, you will have the right to build residential areas, streets and avenues on it. The kit includes:

  • 80 plastic buildings;
  • data ;
  • metal chips;
  • detailed instructions.


The object of the game is to buy real estate, properly manage your capital and bankrupt your rivals. You will be able to buy shares of 30 known TMs (Pepsy-Cola, Reebok, etc.), as well as 6 offices and 4 skyscrapers.

Disadvantage : Dark playing field, causing eyestrain.

Game rules in the classic "Monopoly"

The classic type of "Money Bank" is easier to understand. This option is for beginners. The playing field is divided into squares. Each cell has land that can be purchased from a bank for construction.

The team chooses a banker - the person who will manage the money. He also participates in the game.

There are 16 notes in total:

  • RUB 1,000 - 5 pieces.;
  • RUB 5,000 - 1 PC.;
  • RUB 10,000 - 2 pcs.;
  • RUB 20,000 - 1 PC.;
  • RUB 50,000 - 1 PC.;
  • RUB 100,000 - 4 things.;
  • RUB 500,000 - 2 pcs.

Loans, bonuses and salaries are paid with these funds. The amount of money is not limited. If necessary, you can write an IOU on a regular sheet of paper. The bank also stores real estate documents.

Each participant rolls a die and, depending on the number of points lost, moves a piece across the field. The movement starts from the "Forward" item. The direction is indicated by arrows. Participants cross the “Forward” point several times. For each completed lap, the bank pays 200,000 rubles. Your goal is not to go bankrupt.


decoding pointers

All sectors of the playing field are marked with instructions for further action ... Let's consider them in more detail.

buying a property

If you are staying on a property field and it is not occupied by other members, you have the right to purchase it. You will pay the bank the amount indicated on the cashier. In return, you will acquire ownership of this building: a card corresponding to the color of your token is placed on the playing field.

If you don't want to buy houses, they are put up for auction. Whoever offers the highest price will buy them. If none of the participants purchased the site, it remains free.

real estate property

Ownership of a building gives you the right to collect rent from a person who stays in that field. It is especially beneficial to have a monopoly - areas of the entire color group.

property for sale

You can sell undeveloped lots, utilities and train stations to any player. For this, a private transaction is completed for a pre-agreed amount. If there are hotels or houses on the sites you sell, it is prohibited to sell them. First, the objects must be sold to the bank.

Also in the transaction for exchange, cards for release from prison and money can be used. Transactions are made before data is posted.

Stopping at someone else's property

If you are staying at a property that was previously purchased by another "Monopoly" member, you may be charged rent. If all buildings are of the same color group, the rent will be doubled. If one of the monopolist's sites is mortgaged, he has no right to demand a double payment.

"Communal Enterprise"

The rent of such an institution is equal to four times the number of points rolled on the dice. If the player bought both utilities, you will be forced to pay ten times the number of points lost.

"Train station"

If the station has an owner, the player who stays in it must pay the rent. The value depends on the number of stations the building owner owns.

"At home"

After collecting all the parcels of the property (belonging to the same color group), you can buy houses. Do this before rolling the dice. It is not allowed to build more than one house per shift. The maximum number of buildings on a site is four. If one of the sections of the color group is placed, construction is impossible.

If necessary, it is permissible to sell houses back to the bank. The cost will be the same as the purchase.


To buy a hotel, it is necessary to have four houses on the land for construction. Hotels are bought at the same price as at home. When the hotel is built, all houses on this site are returned to the bank. Only one hotel can be built at each location.

"Public Treasury" and "Chance"

When you stop in this cell, you get one of the cards from the corresponding group. You must:

  • get money;
  • pay taxes;
  • move a part;
  • go to prison;
  • get out of prison without a fine.

A card that reads "Free from Prison" can be kept with you until any convenient time. It can also be sold to another member at a negotiated price. The rest of the instructions must be followed immediately.


A stop in the "Monopoly" field means that the amount indicated on the card must be deposited in the bank.


They go to prison if you find a matching card. The same action is performed if the same number appears on the dice three times in a row. You can save on rent, but you don't get paid. To get out of this sector, you need to buy a Free Jail Out card from another participant or pay a fine of 50,000 rubles.

In this respect, the "Monopoly" for two has advantages. If you ended up in prison as a result of a move and not with a card, you don't have to pay a fine.

"Free Parking"

Once in such a field, you can wait for the next move for free. You are not subject to fines.


If you have debts but don't have enough money to pay them off, you can mortgage real estate. First, sell all hotels and homes in the same color group. The bank will issue an amount equal to 1/2 of the cost of the pledged area.

The mortgaged property still belongs to you. Other players are not allowed to redeem it from you or the bank. If in the future you want to return the property, you will have to pay the bank the full amount, plus 10% on top.


If you owe Monopoly players more than your asset income, you are broke and out of the game. With debts to the bank, he takes all his properties and money, putting them up for sale. Prison release cards are also returned to the bank.

If your bankruptcy is due to someone else's debts, all your assets are transferred to the bank. Also goes for free sale.

You can also go bankrupt if you don't complete the specified game action in time.

There are many secrets to playing Monopoly. Below are some of them:

  • The faster you get around the playing field, the more possibilities for successful purchases. The most profitable purchases are made in the first 2-3 laps.
  • Buy all the properties your chip ends up in. The more properties you accumulate, the greater the revenue from renting them out to other players.
  • Buy railroads. At the beginning of the game, they generate a lot of profit.
  • Acquire objects your competitors need to form a monopoly. In the future, you can exchange them at a bargain price.

5.00 out of 5 (1 vote)The leader among the "tabletop" - "Monopoly" - boasts a 100-year history. If you want to learn how to play Monopoly and join half a billion fans, read to the end of this article. You can get acquainted with all the nuances of the game and earn your first million in the game.

The story of the emergence of the legendary economic game is quite instructive. In 1934, engineer C. Darrow, who was unemployed at the time, created a residential trade game and offered his seal to the Parker brothers.

The Parker brothers refused mass production, finding 52 design errors. The developer was not discouraged, but ordered 5,000 copies of the game from the printer and sold them instantly.

Realizing they were losing profits, the Parkers bought the copyright to the game, and a year later, it became the best-selling game in the United States of America, making the inventor's dream of wealth a reality.

Types of "monopoly"

The field of this economic game consists of squares, which represent streets, cities or businesses, as well as various events. The rules of the game in "Monopoly" are approximately the same in all its varieties. Players move after rolling 2 dice, the number of steps in 1 move is equal to the sum of points on them.

The objective of the game is to wisely dispose of the received capital, acquire real estate objects and bankrupt opponents.


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