What can a contactless QR menu code system do for your restaurant?

What can a contactless QR menu code system do for your restaurant?
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Users may access an online menu by scanning a QR code with their phone's camera. During the pandemic, they were extremely popular since they provided clients with a frictionless experience while simultaneously limiting infection transmission. Despite the fact that the pandemic has receded, numerous restaurants have decided to continue employing these.

What exactly is a Digital QR menu code?

A QR code menu digital menu is an online menu that guests may scan, view, and place their order using their smartphone device. The digital menu that will appear on their smartphone screen after scanning.

QR code menus are created utilizing online QR code software, and there are four QR code alternatives for your "No-contact" menu. These are the solutions:

  1. Menu Tiger: digital QR code menu with mobile payment integration
  2. PDF QR code menu
  3. JPEG QR code menu
  4. H5 editor QR code menu

*Please note that the QR code menu created by the PDF, JPEG, and H5 editors do not support mobile payments and are solely intended to convert your menu cardboards to digital.

The QR code restaurant menu is one of the restaurant tech inventions that exploded as a result of the pandemic but is expected to persist long after the threat has passed. Here are some ways a contactless menu QR code system may help your business.

  1. Table Turnaround Time is reduced

A QR code restaurant menu is entirely digital, so once scanned, a diner may see the whole menu. Because guests may peruse the menu on their own phone, your servers won't have to look for menus, sterilize them, or place them while turning a table.

They also don't have to take them away from the table while taking orders, nor do they have to hunt out extra bar menus for large groups.

While these contactless menus are especially enticing right now since so many people are afraid of becoming sick, the ease of a QR code menu , restaurant menu implies they'll remain around once the threat has passed.

  1. Cost Savings

Menu printing may be costly, especially when you include in the cost of design and lamination. Any seasonal menu changes, pricing adjustments, and daily specials may be posted to the menu in real time using a contactless menu QR code system, removing the need to print out any new menus.

Furthermore, your servers will have more time to focus on the duties that will keep your clients returning.

  1. Real Time Updates and Menu Changes

The ability to alter the menu in real time is one of the finest benefits of a restaurant menu QR code. This not only makes it easy to switch in seasonal menu items, but it may also reduce visitor annoyance if you run out of a regular menu item.

Simply delete the item from the menu to avoid people getting their hopes up for something that isn't available. Furthermore, depending on your inventory, you may clearly emphasize daily specials and promote different menu items.

Contactless QR code menu are only the beginning for many establishments. This technology may also be utilized for online ordering, awards for restaurant loyalty programmes, and even consumer payment.

  1. Marketing & Promotions

Use a QR code to direct consumers to a new special or BOGO offer at your restaurant to increase foot traffic. Redeeming the deal will be a simple if they have it on their phone.


QR code menu are a terrific tool for contactless service, but they also have a lot of other uses, especially in marketing. Restaurants may take advantage of QR codes' rising popularity to boost sales. Here are a few simple methods to use QR codes to improve customer service and enhance earnings.

QR code menu are a useful tool for additional housekeeping problems, such as Wi-Fi login, hours of operation, directions, and dress code suggestions, in addition to digital menus, ordering, and contactless payment.

QR code menu aren't only for menus anymore. The regular use of QR codes may assist you in maintaining safety requirements, streamlining processes, bolstering marketing efforts, and improving customer service.

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    This blog discusses the advantages of implementing a contactless QR menu code system in your restaurant. It emphasizes the benefits of safety, convenience, and efficiency that this technology brings. By eliminating physical menus and offering instant access to menu items, a QR code system enhances the dining experience for customers while providing valuable insights for restaurant owners. I discovered this one: https://menu.qrcode-tiger.com/. Embracing this technology can give your restaurant a competitive edge in the current digital era.

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