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What Can You Do Improve Your ESG Rating?

What Can You Do Improve Your ESG Rating?


Summary: If you want to get government funding or funds from international organization then you should set your ESG rating right.


If you are want to boost your business performance then you should first check your ESG rating as you will get help only when you are doing well on important factors – Environment, Social, and Governance.


Governments have made strict rules for funding and they have decided that they will invest in businesses that take care of environment, society, and governance. Environment has become polluted and the time to act to control the pollution has come. And it is the business world that has to take the initiative of controlling the pollution.


As expected from a responsible business, you should switch to green technology. Also, you should reduce your energy consumption to save electricity and environment. There are many things you can do to save the planet. For example, you can support green belt around your office and encourage your employees to use environment saving mode of transportation. Hire a professional to know ESG where to start.


Once you star improving carbon footprint, you will find that your business has come in the good books of the world governments and international investors. Once your ESG ranking improves, you will start getting funding from government agencies and international organizations. From here, you will see your business growing.


Why do I need to hire a professional to improve my ESG ranking?


This question would come to your mind because you have little knowledge of the factors. These are important factors as they are directly associated with your business performance. Your ESG rating shows how you are doing on these factors. And you will agree that a professional can guide you on how to boost your rankings.


The professional will study your business process to make an opinion on how you are doing and suggest measures to improve your ranking. Also, the professional will prepare a detailed report of your ESG ranking so that government agencies and international investors come to know about your business.


Hiring a professional is the right answer to ESG where to start. You can improve your carbon footprint but you should also attract attention of international investors and government agencies so you get their attention and support. You will get funding that will help in business expansion and promotion.


By improving your ESG rating you will give the signal that you care for environment, your employees, and the governance. It proves that you are a responsible business and you won’t do anything that is harmful for environment, society, or governance.


Call for Directors ESG strategy and oversight


Despite the increased ESG focus, many Directors indicated that boards often lack the necessary tools for effective ESG oversight.

This clearly highlights the urgent need for:


  • ESG Director training
  • Aligning company strategy with ESG
  • ESG Accounting and Reporting
  • Improving Governance – Board Risk and Opportunity Assessments.
  • Adding non-executive directors who can contribute on ESG
  • Specialized new ESG roles – director or head of ESG


ESG represents a substantial shift in the way companies and boards will operate their businesses. This is further reflected by Moody’s expanding of ESG integration into credit scores and this will affect positively or negatively on the company's abilities to keep or gain new customers.

Companies and boards will need to take urgent action in this new ESG world.


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