What Companies are in the Finance Field?

What Companies are in the Finance Field?
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Get to know the field of finance

For some companies, finances become a problem or inconvenience when it comes to managing them or being accountable. Usually this is due to mismanagement of the money or capital of said institutions. That is why knowing the field of finance will help you make better financial decisions. Interesting, right? Continue with us.

field of finance

The field of action in finance is a measure used to manage money or financial resources that were obtained in companies or institutions. This is a very interesting topic that you know, being key to organizing many financial aspects in your day to day. Make yourself comfortable and continue with us in the rest of the post. To start!. this is to hard to count What Companies are in the Finance Field?

and the competition in this field is o high .

What will you find here?
1. Know the field of finance

1.1. What are finances and their types?

2. What is the scope of finance?

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What are finances and their types?
Finance is known as the discipline that manages the capital and money of various institutions, that is, it manages to manage and control expenses, income and losses in order to determine asset investments and define the financing of stockholders ' equity . From what you know about finances, it is considered one of the most important things to live a calm life without problems in the financial field.  

Now, there are various types of finance, some of which stand out:

Corporate finance.

Private finance.

personal finance

Public finances.

On the other hand, this is a discipline that goes hand in hand with accounting  because the knowledge of both is directly applied in the administrative management of the company. In addition,  financial accounting and finances are essential for them to be able to know and determine their economic situation, in order to obtain the most information when making the correct financial decisions.   

But, what is the field of action of finance? If you want to know where this discipline is developed, read the information in the following section. 

What is the scope of finance?
Already to enter the field of action of finance , we can say that it is limited to  the areas of the economy, where various aspects such as capital management, risk control, investments and obtaining  financial resources are studied . 

That is to say, the field of action of finances ,  contemplates the acquisition and management of the money that is earned in various commercial activities. Taking into account all the risks involved  such as loss of capital, indebtedness or bankruptcy.

It is then that specifically the field of finance action is divided into 3, which would be:

Investments: Managing and investing capital is part of this field, in order to expand and improve financial statements . An investment can arise in a long -term or short -term period .

Financial markets: Financial markets are companies that specialize in the sale and purchase of credits. Offering assets to finance the capital of investors.

Financial administration : Manage and control our capital, profit or income that we obtain. That is, managing our money to see positive results in our economy .

These are the three pillars that are known as the center of the field of action of finance  and its main objective is to organize and analyze each of the investment, production and profit processes of a company. In order to have greater stability and economic improvement to achieve the financial goals proposed by companies and institutions.

The field of action of the finance career is  a crucial issue to take control of different aspects of our economy. However, this is a much more extensive topic than you think. So, if you want to know more about this, we will present you a proposal in the next section. 

Main Fields in Finance
Investment banking firms.
Money managers.
Brokerage houses.
Insurance companies.
Tax and accounting firms.
Credit card companies.

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