What Computer Programming Language Should You Learn in 2021?

What Computer Programming Language Should You Learn in 2021?

The more you know, the harder it is to master something new. This is true in general but double so for overlapping knowledge sets such as languages.

This truth becomes starker when applied to adding an extra computer programming language to your repertoire. 

Just like spoken languages, each has its use but it's better to specialize in the ones used in the most general places or the places you intend to work. 

The following computer languages list compiles the hottest options and where they are used. 

Uses by Computer Programming Language 

Computer programming jobs continue to rise in salary and enjoy their place as 11th best job in the tech sector. Even so, programming as a career entails a wide variety of end-uses.


The leader of the language pack for a few years running combines efficiency in understanding what has been put down before with versatility.

Few computer languages feature the ease of syntax and the wide availability of toolkits that Python does. It may well be the best computer language because it also plays well with other popular options, making it a solid foundation for most programming careers.


After Python, C is probably the most widespread of programming languages when you take into account the languages that build off of it.

Sadly, because there are so many languages that build on it, it isn't often used solo. If you learn C, expect to also learn an enhanced language to compete in the field. 


For developing and working with Microsoft's impressive litany of programs and tools, learning C# is a must.

The language is more streamlined than C++ but suffers from a lack of flexibility. 

On the upside, it covers everything from computers to mobile to consoles in its applicability. This includes business applications such as converting a c# datatable to Excel in a few easy steps. 


Even though it's been around since the 1990s, C++ still finds robust use tying other systems and platforms together.

C++ also benefits from a plethora of libraries that simplify work but need to be understood to be utilized fully. If you only have time to learn one form of computer programming, C++ fills in gaps well.


For those who are looking to program as only a component of their job, PHP is the best computer language to know. This is a server-side language that finds use for IT managers more than developers. 

It's easy to use and to debut. However, it is fading as Python and Java do more.


This up-and-coming programming language is the choice for machine intelligence and algorithm development. It is simple to learn and understand but limited in where it is utilized.

Research centers employ Matlab users over software or platform developers. 


Java finds use in the largest number of programming jobs. It finds most of its use on the web as a client-server development language. 

Java programs run on multiple platforms without needing retooling, so they fuel a lot of e-commerce applications. 

Stay Current

Picking a  computer programming language by use and utility is your best option. Look at desired careers and you'll quickly find the recommended languages. Still, knowing more always gives you leverage in a negotiation.

For more tech tips, check out our other articles and offerings. 

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