What does BTS stand for?

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What is BTS?

The South Korean K-pop band whose full name is Bangtan Sonyeondan (Korean: "Bulletproof Boy Scouts" or "Bangtan Boys”) rose to prominence in the late 2010s. BigHit Entertainment's BTS is a K-pop boy band. In English, they are now known as Beyond the Scene, yet their Korean moniker is Bulletproof Boyscouts. They feature seven members—three rappers and four singers—and made their public debut on June 12th, 2013. Their fan base is called Army. They have made a lot of progress ever since. One of them is that they received the Top Social Artist Awards and went to the American Billboard Awards.

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Bang Si-Hyuk, a famous music director and composer who founded his own company, Big Hit Entertainment, in 2005, is the creator of BTS. He started gathering musicians in 2010 for a band he was dubbing the Bangtan Sonyeondan (literally, "Bulletproof Boy Scouts"), which would ultimately go by the name BTS.

The members of BTS are RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook. BTS has positioned themselves as "21st century Pop Icons," shattering multiple global records while garnering praise for their genuine and self-produced songs, incredible performances, and their fan interaction.

The band has rallied millions of fans worldwide while spreading positivity through initiatives like the LOVE MYSELF initiative and the UN's "Speak Yourself" monologue. They have also amassed four No. 1 singles in a period of nine months, played a number of sold-out live concerts around the globe, and been designated TIME's Entertainer of the Year 2020.

Members of BTS

  1. RM

The founding member and front man of BTS is known by his full name, Kim Namjoon. One of the rappers for the group is

RM, formerly known as Rap Monster. Since the sixth grade, he has been rapping. RM joined the rap group Daenamhyup after beginning to rap in 2007, while he was a middle school student, going by the stage name Runch Randa. As a solo rapper after that, RM continued to put out music until he was asked to participate in an audition for a hip-hop management company. It was there that he saw Sleepy, a judge for the audition, from the Untouchable. The creator Bang Shi Hyuk encouraged RM to apply for Big Hit Entertainment after being delighted by his rapping. Sleepy introduced RM to Bang Shi Hyuk. And the rest, as they say, is history. In 2010, RM joined the BTS band.


      2. Junkook

One of BTS' singers goes by the moniker Jungkook, which is short for Jeon Jeongguk. He is BTS' Golden Maknae since he is the youngest in the group. During auditions for the season 3 of Superstar K in his native Busan, Jungkook, also known by the stage as Kookie, was found. He was rejected in the audition stage, but the program exposed him to enough individuals for a minimum of seven companies to notice him.

      3. V

 V is officially known as Kim Taehyung. On his father's advice, V picked up the saxophone in middle school with the goal to become a musician. Soon afterwards, he went to Daegu with a buddy to attend a Big Hit Entertainment audition. V was only just there to help his buddy and had no intention of auditioning himself, but a worker of the Big Entertainment crew noticed him and urged him to do so. V auditioned right away after calling his father to get permission, and being the sole Daegu resident that day, he advanced to the following round. He ultimately joined BTS and is now one of the group's vocalists.

       4. Suga

Suga, whose actual name is Min Yoongi, began as a rapper while still a student in high school, going under the pseudonym Gloss. Suga quickly established himself in the music industry as a composer and rapper. In his birthplace of Daegu, where he was well recognized at the moment, he was known for creating and playing beats for local musicians like the band D-Town. Suga was persuaded to join BTS in 2010 despite having just intended to work as a producer after being persuaded that he would become a better rapper.

       5. Jin

Another member of BTS is Jin, real name Kim Seokjin. SM Entertainment first saw Jin on the streets of Anyang, the city where he was born. He didn't contact the business again though since he believed the offer to be a ruse. While he was a college student, he was once more discovered by Big Hit Entertainment. Jin, a theatre student, went to an acting audition without any prior singing or dance training. But, Big Hit Entertainment had different ideas and persuaded him to join BTS as a trainee. He is currently one of the band's singers. We can only see Jin as a part of BTS, despite the fact that he never intended to turn into a K-pop idol.

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       6. J-Hope

J-Hope, whose real name is Jung Hoseok, was most well-known for his dancing before BTS. Before going on the JYP Entertainment audition, he began dancing with the Neuron dance group in his birthplace of Gwangju. J-Hope tried out for JYP but was ultimately cut after a few rounds, which prompted him to try out for Big Hit Entertainment alternatively. Big Hit Entertainment saw J-potential Hope's as a rapper and hired him as a trainee after noticing his dancing abilities and rhythmic ability.

       7. Park Jimin

Park Jimin, also known as Jimin is a BTS member. When Jimin was a student at the Busan High School of Arts, when he was enrolled in the dance program, a dance instructor who was pleased by his talent advised him to try out for Big Hit Entertainment. Jimin was transported to Seoul to begin training after passing the audition in his birthplace of Busan. Jimin's training was the band's smallest because he was the final member. He made his debut in 2013 together with the other BTS members.

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