What does the OKRCP test consist of?

What does the OKRCP test consist of?
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16 October 2022

OKRCP is an examination for individuals who want to become certified in OKR. It is a competency-based certification that involves a comprehensive understanding of OKR concepts and how to implement them in organizations. This certification is meant for senior managers, project managers, product owners, and other professionals associated with Business Agility. OKRs ensure that measurable goals are clearly stated and that everyone is moving in the same direction. They have become a prerequisite for startups and other organizations that seek to increase their business performance.

What does the OKRCP test consist of?

Question: 1

In which quadrant will the ideas most difficult to execute and with the least personal impact fall?

A. Quadrant 4.

B. Quadrant 2.

C. Quadrant 3.

D. Quadrant 3.

Answer: A



In Quadrant 4 you leave the ideas that are more difficult to execute and with less personal impact.


Question: 2

What are the terms associated with the tabletop pillar?

A. All previous.

B. Personal dashboard.

C. Predictive KPI.

D. Real KPI.


Answer: A


The terms associated with the dashboard pillar are: The actual KPI, the predictive KPI and the personal dashboard.

Question: 3


In the literature, by what name is the pillar called the levers?

A. Key objectives.

B. None of the above.
C. Key results.

D. Objectives and key results.

Answer: C


The second pillar are the Levers, which are also called the key results in the literature.

Question: 4


At what stage is it time to get picky about results?

A. Phase 2: take off.

B. Phase 3: travel.

C. Phase 1: vision.

D. Phase 4 colonization.

Answer: D


In the colonization phase, it is time to become demanding with the results, since there is a change in mentality; take risks with OKRs to reach very ambitious goals.

Question: 5


Under how many pillars do OKRs operate?

A. 4 pillars.

B. None of the above.

C. 3 pillars.

D. 2 pillars.

Answer: A

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