What foods lubricate joints?

What foods lubricate joints?

Although engaging in regular exercise may be the last thing you want to do when you have joint pain, it can aid your recovery and keep your joints healthy. Walking, cycling, and swimming are some great examples. These exercises can help thicken your joint cartilage, minimising the risk of wear and tear. They are also enjoyable, and you can exercise with a friend, so you do not feel alone. Regular exercise is particularly beneficial for those who have arthritis. Not only does it reduce pain, but it also relieves any joint stiffness that you may be experiencing. This is because the muscles around your joints become stronger, easing swelling, and decreasing bone loss. Ideally, you will engage in low-impact exercises like bike riding and swimming.

Maintaining a healthy weight is ideal for preserving your joint health. When we carry additional body weight, it increases pressure on our joints. This can lead to issues such as arthritis, as your bone cartilage will gradually start to wear down, causing your bones to rub together. If you are currently over your ideal body weight, engaging in regular exercise and eating a balanced diet can aid weight loss. You will often find that your joint pain and stiffness will reduce as you lose weight. If you struggle to maintain a balanced diet, consult with a doctor who may be able to refer you to a dietician.


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