Innovations You Should Not Miss at CES 2022

Innovations You Should Not Miss at CES 2022
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CES is the world's biggest consumer electronics exhibition that began in Las Vegas on January 5 2022. While the world remains hidden by the disease, and numerous firms have stated that they are unable to attend the show due to the outbreak, as a weather forecaster in the world of electronics, CES 2022 still has many innovative technologies to witness.

About CES 2022

Innovations You Should Not Miss at CES 2022

What is CES? The CES is the acronym as Consumer Electronics Show. It is the largest technology-related convention. It was held in 2020 and was home to more than 170,000 people with 4,400 exhibitors as well as more than 6,500 media members.

What date do you think CES 2022 be held? The official dates for CES 2022 are Wednesday, January 5 to Friday 7 January 2022.

Where is CES 2022 being held? CES 2022 will take place in large part at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a variety of venues across Las Vegas, different events such as keynotes, the unveiling of new products are scheduled to take place.

Are the events at CES 2022 accessible to the general public? The actual show floor as well as the activities at CES are not open for the public at large. This event is only open to those working in the business of consumer electronics. From this year onwards, CES attendees will be asked to provide proof of the COVID-19 vaccination.

TV Displays: Brighter, Smarter

Sony Announced the World's First QD-OLED 4K TV

Mini-LED is the biggest improvement. This technology will provide the screen with higher brightness and contrast, as well as provide more dark and detailed images than the OLED screen.

snoy 4K TV

The thing that draws the most attention is the premier QDOLED 4K TV. QD (Quantum Dot)-OLED makes use of quantum dots technology that will allow for greater lighting efficiency, with double as bright a display and more vibrant color reproduction.

While the screen was made through Samsung, Sony made its debut, however, the product is not expected to become available until later and prices aren't scheduled to be released until the spring of next year.

LG Launches the Micro LED TV

Alongside aside from the Ex-OLED technology LG announced a brand new line of OLED TVs at CES 2022. This includes a 42-inch model for the C-series TV, and a 97-inch model for the LG series. LG series.

However, what's more, amazing is the fact that LG officially announced at CES 2022 that they are currently entering Micro LED TV. LG showcased a 136-inch 4K High-Definition MicroLED television and announced that the first big Micro LED TVs will go into a sale later in the year.

Samsung Revealed Curved Monitor Odyssey Ark

A 55-inch curving 4-K Samsung Odyssey Ark display, that can be used horizontally and vertically, caught the attention of gamers during CES 2022. Wireless controllers enable users to play around with various aspect ratios, adjust the size of windows as well as simultaneously show multiple streams on the same screen. Users can play games while video chatting with friends and viewing video games.

Interworking Smart Home Gadgets

Belkin Wemo

Belkin has expanded its smart home products for the very first time by introducing its brand Wemo.

They have launched a brand newly developed Wemo HomeKit intelligent video doorbell, as other products like Wemo smart plugs smart light switches, smart lights as well as smart dimmers.

wemo smart doorbell

Of them, the Wemo intelligent visual doorbell can be placed outside, so you can monitor the scene outside the door when you are at home, it comes with an image sensor of 4 megapixels with a field of view of 178 degrees, and will enhance night vision.

These devices are compatible with HomeKit which allows them to be controlled and used through Apple products. But most important is that they are based on Matter. Matter standards and are scheduled to be released throughout 25 different countries in the year.


Sengled has launched a LED that is smart and is, in addition to the lighting of your home it can also be used for health monitoring, monitoring the sleep patterns of users and track the body temperature, heart rate as well as other indicators, and send information to your phone through Bluetooth and WiFi. It can also tell whether someone living in the house has fallen, as the authorities say.

smart lightning

In the main, Sengled has added sensors equipment and lidar parts to the bulb.

The product, too, is built in Matter standards, however, the cost has not yet been revealed and it is expected to launch in the winter.


Furthermore, an advanced electronic scale that was developed in the name of Withings has also caught our interest. Along with measuring the body's composition using bioelectrical impedance analysis this scale also has the ability to determine the user's vascular age and arterial health. It even includes an ECG monitoring feature.

Electric and self-driving Automotives are still in fashion and Sony is preparing to enter the Battlefield

Self-driving technology is now entering the second phase of commercialization and mass production. This year at CES businesses from both the lower and upper parts of the auto industry has exhibited the latest technology for self-driving.

NVIDIA has announced it has signed an alliance with a range of Chinese electric car manufacturers that will utilize NVIDIA's autonomous technology to take on Tesla.

The company's auto-driving company Mobileye has developed its most popular auto-driving chipset EyeQ Ultra. Mobileye stated it EyeQ Ultra has a performance of 176 trillion operations per second. This can be competitive with Tesla, Nvidia and Qualcomm in the realm of high-order computing chips for vehicles.

Intel also announced that they will collaborate on the development of (EV) the all-electric vehicle that is compatible with Level 4 and Level 4 technology, in conjunction together with Geely which will become accessible in China by 2024.

snoy ev prototype

At CES 2022, Sony announced the formation of Sony Mobile which's primary mission is to commercialize the electrical vehicle service. This signifies that Sony will join the ranks of tech firms to develop cars.

The event was attended by Sony presented a model for its Vision S concept electric vehicle and the new Sony Vision-SUV concept. The CEO of the company Kenichiro Yoshida said that the most important thing for this SUV will be safety. It has an array of 40 detection sensors on the inside and outside of the vehicle to ensure the safety of the passengers as well as drivers.

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