What is a digital billboard?How do outdoor digital billboards work?

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Types of digital billboards

Outdoor digital billboards come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s see a few of the most popular types.

Flat-screen LED billboard

A flat-screen LED digital billboard showing offers from a brand at a freeway

The typical guy we see at all crossroads, skywalks, and bridges!

These electronic displays use an array of light-emitting valves as pixels with an auto-adjusting brightness technology that makes the content visible during the day and even from afar. Most digital billboards around the globe are flat-screen LED displays for advertising purposes.

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3D Digital billboard

3D digital display boards combine 3D technology with conventional signage players. These combine two images of an object taken from distinct angles and put them together, making our left and right eyes perceive the visual as one with more depth.

3D digital boards have found success across marketing channels; these are the hot-trending advertising medium!

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