What is Cloud Phone System? It's Advantages and Purposes

What is Cloud Phone System? It's Advantages and Purposes
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16 December 2021

What Is Cloud Phone System

Cloud phone is connected as part of the cloud phone system. Basically, the phone receives and sends your calls with the help of the internet. Basically, a cloud phone system also known as a cloud PBX hosted PBX or hosted phone system is a VoIP phone system that runs on top of a cloud-based IP network.  Unlike traditional telecommunications infrastructure, it is delivered and managed entirely over the Internet. Implementation and setup are quick and simple, reducing IT overhead for companies. It is usually possible to subscribe to cloud phone service through a service provider.

Cloud-hosted business phone systems allow you to make and receive calls from IP phones, mobile phones, and other devices, and voice traffic is carried over the internet, which is then connected to data from the centers sitting within the cloud.

How does it work?

With cloud-based phone systems, your voice is broken up into small digital packets that are sent over the internet as data. These calls are routed through the PBX in the cloud. The cloud-based telephone system can be accessed in a variety of ways and can be used by anyone with an internet connection.

●    A landline phone with a VoIP adapter. The adapter plugs into a telephone wall jack or directly into the router.

●    There are many programs and applications that allow you to make voice calls over the Internet, including Skype, Google Voice, and Apple FaceTime. Smartphone.

●    You can make Internet calls by downloading applications such as Google Voice or Skype on your smartphone.

●    VoIP-only phone. They look like traditional analog phones, but they are connected directly to a computer network rather than a phone line.

Benefits of phone Cloud System

●    Cost Savings

●    Scalability

●    Limited Maintainance and Administrative requirement

●    Unified Communication

●    Geographical Flexibility and Mobility

Cost Savings

All enterprises, especially small ones, want to reduce operating costs as much as possible. Cloud PBX is a budget-friendly option as it significantly reduces equipment upfront investment and regular maintenance costs. For most cloud phone system installations, the only capital expenditure is the purchase of IP phones. Cloud phone systems typically work simply on a per-user basis, so enterprises can increase capacity by simply purchasing a new license. The system is always ready to grow with your company. On the other hand,  such a pricing model allows companies to increase the predictability of their telephone systems and better manage their budgets.


The main advantage of using this type of business phone system is that it can be scaled efficiently. You can adjust your cloud phone system as your business grows. In a traditional telephone system, this requires additional hardware if it is to be expanded. However, cloud-based phone services make it easy to add new users, whether you're in the physical office or working remotely. This makes it one of the best business phone services, especially fast-growing.

Limited Maintainance and Administrative requirement

Externally hosted cloud telephone systems are centrally managed by telephone service providers, requiring little customer technical know-how and IT staff to set up and configure the system. The responsibility for keeping the system up-to-date also shifts from the customer to the service provider. Enterprises can take advantage of the latest telephone systems without spending budget or resources on maintenance. As long as you are connected to the internet, managing your cloud phone system will also be simplified. This is very useful for companies with offices in different locations. IT managers can change user settings anytime, anywhere via the web interface with just a few clicks.

Unified Communication

Cloud phone systems are the perfect way to enable unified communications. Unified communications is the transformation of many communication channels and options into a single access point. Cloud Unified Communications leads to more consistent and convenient communication with universities and customers by allowing universities and customers to use their favorite channels. For example, if you have a call on a web-based or desktop softphone and you need to leave for a while,  you can transfer the call to your mobile phone and continue the conversation instead of hanging up. Some providers also offer advanced collaboration benefits such as instant messaging, presence, and CRM integration.

Geographical Flexibility and Mobility

Cloud telephony systems allow headquarters, branch offices and remote workers to integrate with the same capabilities and business continuity. For telecommuters, the office is where they are connected to the Internet. Some cloud phone service providers offer free softphone apps for employees to make and receive calls using their work numbers, as well as IP phones, as well as desktop computers and smartphones, allowing employees to work from home, on the go, or as a service. do. working day. worker. Cloud phone systems also make it easy to connect geographically dispersed offices to a single phone system, which administrators can manage from anywhere.

Features of phone cloud system

●    Call Forwarding

●    Advance call routing with drag and drop call flow design

●    Call Screening

●    Call Blocking

●    Sms Texting

●    Call Presence

●    Video Conferencing

●    Team Collaboration and Messaging

Why Choose cloud phone system?

Cloud phone systems offer much more powerful performance and performance than traditional phone systems. Combining this with remote work capabilities makes it much easier to work with the cloud. When the update becomes available, there is no need to buy new hardware or update the entire phone system. Updating software is as easy as downloading and updating an app.


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