What Is Jamstack Architecture?

What Is Jamstack Architecture?
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The Jamstack software architecture is based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup (JAM). It is a technique designed to build websites and applications that are distinct from the typical CMS. The traditional web development architecture unifies the control of the content, design, and database. Thus, every component of the website is connected. The database is where the server's code is stored, whereas the backend interface is used to create and manage the content of the website.

Compared to the standard approach, Jamstack offers websites with more performance, security, and scalability. It offers more productivity and is based on various modern methods and resources.

What is jamstack architecture?

Jamstack is a method for creating web apps rather than a single framework or technology. The code (JavaScript), site infrastructure (APIs), and content (Markup) are all segregated in Jamstack websites. Jamstack was created with the goal of facilitating serverless web development. That is, to drastically lower the volume of server requests by moving as many jobs as possible from the server-end to the client-side. This eventually led to improved performance and shorter server request waiting times.


If you work as a web developer, you probably already know what Javascript can accomplish.

This programming language is used to create interactive web pages. Without Javascript, it would be impossible to add interactions to the webpages, such as buttons that can be clicked or forms that can be filled out.

Contrary to the usual web development design, Javascript is disconnected from the content in Jamstack, giving it complete performance independence.


The interaction of two software components is accomplished using application programming interfaces (APIs). In the beginning, APIs were intended to be used by server-side programs, but as Javascript advanced, web APIs were created.

All of the activities were shifted to the client-end via web APIS. Additionally, to hire jamstack developers is the best option because they can now create more complicated apps than they were able to in the past thanks to the availability of subject specialists who provide their goods and services via online APIs.

Developers may now outsource services like payments, authentication, administration, and data services without having to shoulder the strain of handling it themselves thanks to this development.


The first aspect of your website that a client sees is the markup. It could be compiled HTML code or written by hand. With Jamstack webpages, the HTML is provided statically rather than being rendered from a server.

What are Jamstack's advantages?


Any security flaws in the frontend code won't expose the backend because the client and server ends are independent. Moreover, no need to be concerned about database or server vulnerabilities because your website is server-less.


With Jamstack, scaling is easy and affordable. Your web content is served off of CDN, and you do not have to rely on servers or databases. So, there are no issues even when there is massive traffic to your website.

Improved Performance

Because they are not reliant on servers or databases, websites created with Jamstack load incredibly quickly for users. Because the web material is cached on a CDN, the majority of operations usually necessary for constructing a web page are avoided.


Since your files are not kept on a server, maintaining one is not necessary for Jamstack websites. Without any fuss, your static website is maintained for you.

Improved developer experience

Developers are not constrained to a single technology and are able to select their preferred tech stack.

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