What is neobank? Explaining in simple terms

What is neobank? Explaining in simple terms
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Neobank is a fintech company that provides banking services only in digital format: via mobile app and website. Other names: digital, virtual bank. Considering all the risks involved in creating, developing a neobank from scratch is very difficult. You need to look for a partner company that will help you with this. doCode uses state-of-the-art security technologies and protocols and can be trusted to implement any product.

Simply put, this is a bank that exists completely online, and the website and mobile application are its only “branches”. As a rule, he does not have physical front offices (designed to work with clients). Almost all interaction with consumers takes place remotely.

Due to advanced technologies and minimization of infrastructure costs, the advantages of neobanks include low or zero commission, high interest rates, efficiency and flexibility in customer service and support.

Most neobanks focus on the retail segment.

Mobile banking: how digital platforms and superapps can help traditional banks as technology advances, users adapt to it faster and faster. Most people experienced inconvenience using landlines until the 1930s, 50 years after they were invented. For comparison, smartphones have become part of everyday life in just 10 years. The same is with mobile banking: this service appeared on the market less than 20 years ago, and today already 80% of banking clients in developed countries use this technology as the main channel of interaction with banks.

Mobile banking is so popular right now that most customers are willing to switch banks for a better mobile app. With the development of technology, consumer expectations for mobile banking applications are constantly rising. Banks that fail to anticipate the changing needs of their customers and adapt their mobile offerings accordingly risk being left behind by more flexible and forward-thinking competitors. To create a successful product, banks must first of all understand what the modern user of mobile banking wants and needs, and then provide him with the necessary services using a convenient and thoughtful interface.

Consumers are hungry for fintech services and control over your data

Users are increasingly comparing traditional banks with other service providers such as neobanks and tech giants, and the comparison is not in favor of banks. Innovative players offer customers attractive services such as instant approval and issuance of a virtual card in response to a request from a mobile device, account-to-account transfers, fast international transfers and bonus programs. Outdated technology stacks are just one of the problems traditional banks face. It is also difficult to conduct a dynamic integrated data analysis, given the fragmentation of sources and the fragmentation of these data. Finally, outdated platforms are also a deterrent, creakingly supporting new services and payment systems methods.

Meanwhile, modern technology allows you to create an unlimited number of data entry fields, increasing the volume and number of types of information that can be collected and used in a competitive fight.


Unlike traditional banks, fintech companies, neobanks and tech giants can quickly extract from the collected data practical ideas and improve various product lines and services functions. Getting detailed information about customer behavior provides opportunities for cross-selling products and development of innovative services that attract customer attention.

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