What is NetSuite ERP Software

Today, businesses are developing, and being on spreadsheets is not just enough. Today, ERP systems come into view where businesses can manage their business functions and automate excess processes for better productivity. 
NetSuite is one of the pioneers in a myriad of ERPs available in the market. 
But here is the catch. 
NetSuite ERP is an excellent cloud-based ERP software with scalability and customization aimed at allowing businesses to manage finances, inventory, and customer relationships with unmatched efficiency. It integrates different business operations into a single, unified platform, enabling smooth operations. 

Oracle Corporation developed NetSuite, a cloud-based ERP application for managing financial matters, operations, customer interactions, inventory, and online commerce participation, enhancing companies' efficiency and effectiveness. 

As a global ERP software, NetSuite is used by over 37,000 organizations for simplifying operations, driving efficiencies, and managing business aspects. It offers solutions for financials, CRM, e-commerce, inventory, HR, and professional services automation, all from a single cloud-based platform, ensuring efficient business management. 

NetSuite ERP is a flexible modular technology that enables businesses to control all key functions within a single system, enhancing productivity and efficiency. It consolidates all necessary components for efficient business operations and financial tasks, making administration and planning easier. It is suitable for SMEs and global enterprises, offering an all-encompassing solution.  


Advanced Features Offered by NetSuite 

NetSuite offers an impressive array of features to assist businesses across various industries and businesses. Although smaller companies may be more expensive, having one data source across the entire operation makes it worthwhile. NetSuite provides easy-to-follow online tutorials for a solid introduction to the system. With this here are some advanced features offered by the system. 

  1. The SaaS Model: 

NetSuite utilized a SaaS model interface where customers pay subscription fees to access the software. The system doesn't hold any responsibility for any underlying system maintenance, including any purchases and server setup, software installation or testing, and deploying tech patches and upgrades. The system majorly holds 2 new updates yearly. 
As a cloud software, eliminating the maintenance and costs of upgradation comes with on-premises which saves money, ultimately giving employees access to the company’s mission from the very first day of NetSuite Implementation. 

  1. Better Scalability:

NetSuite offers inclusive integrations that provide scalability to the users. Businesses can add features as needed, without worrying about infrastructure or human resources. For example, if a B2B business wishes to sell online, it can integrate NetSuite's eCommerce module. 

  1. Holistic Reporting Capabilities:

NetSuite’s illustrative reporting capabilities are fueled by the massive data that flows from departments and business units. The system's inbuilt reporting tools allow users to generate reports on different prompts they want to measure or understand. NetSuite also has role-inclusive dashboards, which provide employees, managers, and executives with the information they need to make smart decisions. 

  1. Cloud-Based Structure: 

NetSuite is a cloud ERP software designed to address issues like version lock, slow updates, and lack of scalability found in traditional on-premises systems. It's a multi-tenant, vendor-managed solution with limitless expansion potential, unlike traditional cloud ERP systems that are hosted or hybrid cloud-adapted. 

NetSuite ERP software is a global business management system that simplifies operations, increases efficiency, and promotes growth. It provides compact access for handling crucial business activities, including financials, eCommerce, and inventory management. NetSuite's flexibility makes it a right fit for businesses of all sizes, taking from startups to enterprises.  

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