What is product engineering

What is product engineering
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02 December 2022

Engineering is the provision of a wide range of engineering and consulting services provided by an engineering company on the basis of a signed contract.

Additional challenges of engineering are the development and implementation of manufacturing technology, management and administration to improve the efficiency of the company and its rapid development. Such services are offered by software engineering services, they will help to avoid mistakes and tell all the nuances.

Types of engineering

There are the following types of engineering:

  • Comprehensive engineering. It is also called full cycle engineering. Provides the whole complex of services, which includes project economical feasibility study, its technical development and realization, equipment supply and its service as well as putting the object into operation.

  • Construction engineering. Includes only the complex of services for industrial facility construction.

  • Operational engineering. It deals with improving production processes at an already-functioning factory.

  • International engineering. Some engineering companies are able to provide services on the global market, for example, to control the coherence of teams from different countries, to supply materials from abroad and optimize production at foreign enterprises.

  • Computer engineering. Represents a set of services for high-precision, multi-level research based on computer technologies.

  • Marketing engineering. It is a set of services for the development, creation, implementation and promotion of new products on the market.

  • Technology engineering. Carries out the introduction of technologies required for upgrading and optimizing enterprise processes.

  • Reengineering. It is a measure of improvement of the main indicators of already existing enterprise.

Challenges of Product Engineering

As an example, let's examine the services of an engineering company that specializes in construction. These services are divided into the following four types.

Pre-project services. At the earliest stage of the project engineering firm studies the market, justifies the creation of production from the economic and technical sides, makes a topographical survey and study of soils, develops a plan of infrastructure development, advises and supervises the implementation of all these works.

Design services. This is a stage of preparation for the implementation of the project. The engineering company develops general and architectural plans of construction, prepares cost estimates for all expenses of construction and operation of object, creates necessary technical documentation and drawings, as well as monitors the correctness of these processes.

Post-project services. At this stage a project is brought to life. The engineering company prepares contracts for the works, arranges tenders for cooperation with the best contractors, plans their construction work, supervises, carries out production testing and acceptance works, draws up final documentation and helps to start production.

Special services. Often, an engineering company can provide additional services related to the specifics of a facility's construction. For example, it can handle the problem of waste disposal or help train personnel for future maintenance of the facility.

To Sum Up

Congratulations, now you know what engineering is and what types of services companies provide in this niche.

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