SoapUI Testing: Definition and Features

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SoapUI Testing: Definition and Features

SoapUI is one of the best free, open-source testing tools for API testing. It helps developers and testers easily create and execute automated tests against REST, SOAP, and GraphQL-based web services. 

Soap UI testing also allows users to perform functional, security, regression, compliance, load, and mocking testing on their web services. With more than 6 million downloads, this is one valuable tool for software teams.

Let's learn more about Soap UI testing in this article

Important features of SoapUI

Now that we know the definition of SoapUI, here are the top features that make it special.

  • API testing: API is a critical part of any software development process, and SoapUI API testing is easy to run. This powerful tool covers all aspects of API testing. This makes it a valuable addition to any QA toolkit.
  • Functional testing: This is at the core of what SoapUI does. SoapUI allows you to create complex scenarios, including data-driven assessments, and then verify the results. It also makes it easy to switch between QA, developer, and live environments, and you can even create custom code based on your test case.
  • Security testing: SoapUI allows you to check for common security vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting. It can also be used for simulating an attack on web services and to see how they respond to different kinds of attacks.
  • Load testing: This is another area where SoapUI shines. This tool can be used to simulate a heavy load on a web service and to see how it responds. It can also be used to check for scalability issues and to find bottlenecks in a system. It also allows for comprehensive system performance monitoring
  • Automation: This is another key feature of SoapUI. With support for data-driven evaluations and a wide range of reporting options, Automation makes it easy to automate your assessments and schedule them to run at specific times.
  • Test mocking: SoapUI also offers test mocking capabilities that allow you to simulate various live conditions and see how your system responds. This is a valuable solution for validating edge cases in development environments.
  • Reporting: This allows you to track the progress of your evaluations and see the results of each one. Detailed reports can be exported in various formats.
  • Integration with other automation tools: The ability to integrate with multiple automation tools is another strength of SoapUI. It can be used with a wide variety of solutions, including software project management tools like Maven and continuous integration tools like Hudson. It can also be used with a variety of development frameworks, such as the Spring framework.
  • Support for multiple protocols: SoapUI supports a variety of different protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, REST, JMS, JDBC, and AMF. This is a valuable feature because it allows you to verify your application with a variety of different protocols.
  • Cross-platform support: This Platform is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Best testing tool for SoapUI integration

As already established, one of the good things about SoapUI is its ability to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of automation tools, including the ones designed for validating SOAP-based services, web services, and applications. One such tool is aqua Test Management Solution.


The aqua management system is the best tool that allows for seamless integration with SoapUI. aqua makes it easy to run scenarios of any complexity and scale and switch from manual to automated seamlessly. It also delivers the ability to combine multiple tools and manage all the results in one place. 

With this tool, you will be able to manage your SoapUI scenarios more effectively and make sure that they are executed as per the defined requirements.

That's not all.

aqua's real-time analytics will give you the high-level visibility you need, irrespective of whether you are still in the development stage or at the QA stage. It helps you know where to improve & automate. 

You can also view execution results and all the information related to a project, such as management overviews, release notes, and status reports in aqua, augmented with the additional data provided by SoapUI's report.

Wondering how to do SoapUI testing with aqua? Very simple.

  • Open the aqua tool.
  • Link both tools by completing the required fields, and you are ready to go.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this Soap UI testing basics have taught you the essential facts about this powerful tool. 

It is a useful tool for ensuring the quality and dependability of your web services and will come in handy for any software team looking to raise the caliber of their web services. While it works well as is, it works best when combined with the aqua automation tool.

Want to see how the aqua solution works when integrated with SoapUI? Sign up for access to a 30-day free trial today.

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