What Is STABILA (STB) and How Does It Work?

What Is STABILA (STB) and How Does It Work?
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08 December 2021

What Is STABILA (STB) and How Does It Work?

Several blockchains networks have taken it upon themselves to challenge the Ethereum (ETH) network. They often employ different technical designs to challenge the market’s most dominant decentralized application (Dapp) platform. STABILA is one such network and is growing in popularity.

So what is STABILA? That’s what we go over here. In addition, we explain its delegated proof-stake consensus algorithm, the staking method, the use of the STABILA coin, which has the ticker STB, and other distinguishing features of this cryptocurrency.

In this guide:

  • STABILA’s evolution as a financial-focused network
  • What is STABILA?
  • What makes STABILA stand out?
  • STABILA’s features, workings, and use cases
  • How does STABILA fare against Ethereum and others?
  • Tokenomics
  • STB price and predictions
  • How to stake STABILA
  • Should you buy STB?
  • How to buy STABILA (STB)?
  • STABILA potential in the fintech market
  • Frequently asked questions
  • STABILA’s evolution as a fintech-focused network
  • Will STB Increase?

STABILA was first launched in Nov. 2021. The vision for the blockchain, first conceived in 2019, has been described as “decentralizing the financial system”.

The Moneta Holdings leads the development of the STABILA blockchain and STB cryptocurrency.

What makes STABILA stand out?

On the face of it, there isn’t much that separates STABILA from its competitors. However:

1. the team is introducing licensed smart contracts. According to their white paper:

“Smart contracts are useless and will continue to be useless for the foreseeable future. They lack mechanism of proofing asset backing and cannot communicate to the outside world. The Licensing model proposed is to allow only smart contracts that have real use and are asset backed by the underlying logic and corporate structure. In case the smart contract owner cannot keep up with his smart contract a third party shall carry liability so the customers are protected on STABILA network.”

2. Max Supply = 30M & Starting Circulating Supply of 20M.

With a more focused approach on this matter, STABILA perhaps stands a chance to gain ground in this specific niche as a contender not to Ethereum with unlimited supply, but BITCOIN. With interoperability becoming a focal point of general blockchain development, this could perhaps further cement STABILA’s position as a limited supply fintech network.

The unique selling point of STABILA is that transactions can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, with the prerequisite of an internet connection.

What is STABILA?

When asking a question like ‘What is STABILA?’, it would be incomplete to talk without going over some features and how it operates and, of course, use cases.

Some of STABILA’s core features include its delegated PoS consensus algorithm, its unique token standard that supports a few different types, including one of NFTs, and its ecosystem of Dapps.

As for its Dapps, STABILA’s ecosystem includes a DEX, blockchain explorer, wallet. In more recent months, STABILA has been trending towards decentralized finance (DeFi), with a few applications supporting fiat-to-crypto/crypto-to-fiat services.

The STABILA Virtual Machine (TVM) is responsible for executing smart contracts, much like the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It utilizes a three-layer architecture: a storage layer, an application layer, and a core layer.

Computing resources are distributed equally among STB holders.

As previously mentioned, STABILA’s focus has been on DeFi use cases.

How does STABILA fare against Ethereum and others?

STABILA’s largest competitor, without a doubt, is Ethereum. Given this hotly competitive space, STABILA has an uphill battle as it attempts to get a bite of the market share but the fact it has a limited supply and miners being rewarded from this limited pool cements its position strongly.

Furthermore, the other competitors, including Cardano and EOS, are also employing new technological solutions, which leaves STABILA in a bit of a state. It needs to stay up to date on the latest technological implementations and use case designs, while also working on its current ecosystem.

The question is whether STABILA can compete against these other projects with its standout features. But that is anyone’s guess.

STB Price

The STB coin holds a circulating supply of 30M. STABILA made some headlines for this when the team claimed that STABILA is the first smart contract supporting blockchain with limited supply of its main cryptocurrency.

STB price and predictions

At the time of publishing, the STB coin stands at a price of $12.00.

The token is still significantly up for long-term investors, but the STB price prediction is going to be a easy one to estimate. After all, it lacks major competition because of their unique limited supply feature. Still, those long-term investors will be happy to hodl and hope for a $1000 price target. There’s no guarantee that it will hit that target, however.

Should you buy STB?

This will largely come down to your own personal take on the STB coin and its uses. Nothing is a given in the cryptocurrency market, and the novelty of the technology means that new projects usurp old ones frequently. As the protocol develops, the ecosystem grows, and new Dapps arrive, potential investors will better understand the STB coin and its value.

STABILA’s focus on fintech certainly has a place in the market, but whether it will be the top network for this use case remains to be seen. However, it is worth keeping an eye on STABILA in the years to come, as the Moneta Holdings continues to press on with its development.

As always, do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

How to buy STABILA (STB)?

The STABILA (STB) cryptocurrency will be available on most of the world’s most popular exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, OKEx, Kucoin, and Moneta-Fx at beginning of 2022.

STABILA does have potential in the fintech market

With the question of what is STABILA (STB) out of the way, you’ll have a much better sense of whether to devote time to this project or not. It is, no doubt, a strong but less-known project, but whether it will maintain the momentum of the early years is subject to debate. The crypto market has changed greatly since its early years, so STABILA will have to keep up.

Having said all of that, it’s worth keeping an eye on a project. The fintech stands to gain from decentralized technologies, so there may be something yet for STABILA’s growth.

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