What Is Too High For Blood Sugar?

What Is Too High For Blood Sugar?

Hyperglycemia implies an elevated level of sugar in the blood. It is due to the reason that the body of the individual lacks enough insulin. So this condition arises when there is a low insulin level, or the body cannot utilize insulin properly. Hyperglycemia occurs when the blood sugar level is higher than 125 mg/dl. 

Here Is Information On "What Is Too High For Blood Sugar?"

The increased level of blood sugar occurs when the individual has impaired glucose tolerance. Or during fasting, when the blood glucose level is between 100 mg/dL to 125 mg/dL. What is too high for blood sugar is a major concern, and it impacts individuals having both types of diabetes I & II. 

Impact of High Blood Sugar Level

The frequent or ongoing increased level of blood sugar is highly detrimental as it can damage the nerves, blood vessels, and the organs of the body. So, it can cause some severe conditions. People who have type I diabetes are susceptible to the build-up of acids within the blood, known as ketoacidosis. If a person suffers from diabetes II, what is too high for blood sugar? The elevated sugar level will lead to a potentially fatal situation in which the individual's body is unable to process the sugar. So, it is called HHNS (hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic syndrome).

Causative Factors Of Elevated Blood Sugar Level

  • Skipping or forgetting insulin dosage or oral medications 
  • Consuming large quantities of carbohydrates 
  • Having some infection
  • Illness 
  • Constant stress 
  • Sedentary Lifestyle 
  • Performing strenuous physical activity under the condition when there is an elevation in the blood sugar level and low level of insulin 

Signs or Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar Level 

It is important to ascertain that the early symptoms of elevated blood glucose level occur during type I diabetes. Under the condition that hyperglycemia is not treated in Type 1 diabetic, it can cause ketoacidosis. In this particular condition, ketones (toxic acids) are built up within the bloodstream. This condition is dangerous and may lead to coma or even death. 

Some of the early symptoms of hyperglycemia are: 

  • Elevated level of blood sugar 
  • Increased thirst or even hunger 
  • Blurring of vision 
  • Frequent pee 
  • Headache 
  • Few of the additional signs and symptoms include: 
  • Constant feeling of tiredness 
  • Loss in weight 
  • Infections in skin or vagina 
  • Slow healing of cuts as well as sores 

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